Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay sent Kate home. Was she the best choice? Probably not, but he felt that she let him down. Now, he’s going to deal with the Blue Team. Will he keep Sterling for another week or is Sterling out of there? Tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen should open with a bang!

To Be Continued

Last week we were left hanging with what would happen next. With the Blue Team’s weakened alliance, Sterling has gone on the offensive. Actually, Sterling is the better chef but his mouth gets in his way. Ramsay sends Roe back in line. Sterling is told to take off his jacket. Ramsay in true Hell’s Kitchen tradition moves him to the Red Team. The Blue Team never has trusted him but the Red Team doesn’t want him either. Steve is happy because he’s safe and Sterling is gone.

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The Team Challenge

The teams come downstairs to a map of Italy and Italian opera singers. They must prepare Italian dishes and go one on one.

The challenge will be for the teams to compete head to head. Each chef must prepare a traditional Italian dish and the Red Team may be lost in this endeavor. Sure enough, we learn that Ashley has no clue about the dish she must prepare.

In the allotted 45 minutes, the individuals start working on their dishes. Neither team seems to really want to help each other. Even Jen doesn’t get any help from her friends. With each team wanting a win, there should be more cooperation. Jen, who thinks she knows everything, may end up wiping out.

The guest judge is Celestino Drago. Known as Mr. Italy, he promises to be a strict judge and the chefs know it. Jen and Steve are first with Jen getting the point. Next up is clueless Ashley against Fernando. At least she admits she doesn’t know how to prepare the plate and the Blue Team tie the score. Sade and Aaron are so bad, no point is given. LaTasha goes against Santos with Santos losing. Frank and Roe, the Italians, go head to head and Frank gets the point. Finally Sterling faces off against Bryan with Bryan clinching the victory for the Blue Team.

The Blue Team get what the ladies want: a shopping spree at American Rag. Of course, they must share $3,000. They will dine at Cecconi where they must eat everything on the menu. The Red Team’s punishment is to prepare the squid and make pasta by hand. It’s a messy job and Sterling tries to make the best of the situation, but the Red Team hates his antics as much as the Blue Team did. He’s just trying to make a bad time better, girls.

Dinner Service

Marino opens the door for Italian night. There is a table side service and I’m worried. These chefs, a hot plate and food are not a promising combination. Sade does drop a hot dish on the floor of the restaurant. Marino springs into action and makes sure the person is okay and gives them a free meal. He then watches Sade like a hawk.

While the Red Team start strong, the Blue Team struggles over Steve’s risotto. Ramsay isn’t happy. There’s a Very, Very Important Person at the restaurant tonight from the Italian Consulate. This is a big and these chefs are bunglers.

Entrees prove too much for Ashley. When the Italian Consulate sends back a raw calamari dish, Ramsay has had enough. He sends the Red Team to the dorms. While the Blue Team finishes service, it’s not a shining moment. Ramsay isn’t happy.

The Aftermath

It’s not Hell’s Kitchen without a Ramsay fit. At least this one isn’t as bad as some of the others. He’s actually mild-mannered as he sends both teams up to do nominations.

The Red Team decides that their first (and only) nominee is Ashley. I agree. They decide that Roe must go up but Roe tries to talk her way out of the situation. The Blue Team decides quickly on Aaron. Fernando wants Santos up but Santos tries to get Frank nominated. Remember the alliance of three had Sterling and Frank in their sight for elimination.

Ramsay’s Verdict

Ramsay asks the Red Team for their nominees. He looks depressed. Roe quickly suggests Ashley. When he asks for the second nominee, he’s surprised that it is she. Who did he expect? Sade would have been a good choice. Santos gives the Blue Team’s nominees as Aaron and Steve.

Ramsay allows each to state their case. Steve and Aaron feel that they belong in Hell’s Kitchen. Ashley tells Ramsay she only wants to work for him. Roe thinks the steak had a small problem. Ramsay gets her good. He tells her that there are no small problems in Hell’s Kitchen. He then banishes Ashley from her dream. He’s not through but we have to wait for next week as it is “to be continued.”

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Next Week:

A group of VIPs arrive for an event and the chefs hope it is Obama. Really? Stress may prove too much for all, as someone walks out on their dream and someone’s taken out by their team. Oh, and I forgot to mention…  Hell’s Kitchen goes to the dogs.

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