And we’re back! We’re up to night two of the Battle Rounds for The Voice season 7. The coaches and their famous advisers will continue to pair their singers up. Who will stay? Who will go? And who will get stolen away? The coaches are going to be very careful with their steals, though. You have to be really special to get stolen. The battle is on.

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Jordy Searcy and Taylor Phelan Perform “Breakeven”

Pharrell feels that Alicia Keys embodies what The Voice is really about. And I agree that she has some great advice about connecting to the song and keeping your own unique style in the battle.

Their first pair is Jordy and Taylor. Pharrell’s excited to hear their combination of indie and rock.

In rehearsals, they realize that Jordy needs to put more power through, while Taylor needs stop his voice from being so raspy. He’s having trouble with the falsetto and they’re both hiding behind their guitars. Keys is getting frustrated. She feels she’s losing their uniqueness and their performance isn’t believable. They’re performing to each other rather than getting lost in the music. It’s really frustrating. Things really come together when they slow it down, though. “The voice is what gets you here,” Pharell says. “What keeps you here is the story you tell while you sing.”

Their different voices are really interesting when they are put together. “Wow, what?” Gwen whispers. “That was awesome.” They both sound amazing, so this is going to be a really tough decision. I hate saying goodbye to someone when it’s so close. Taylor has more of a presence and is more in control, though. Pharrell ultimately chooses Taylor, and he goes to kiss his baby, which is adorable.

Result: Pharrell chooses Taylor Phelan

Alessandra Castronovo and Joe Kirk perform “Stay”

Adam’s first pair of the night is Alessandra and Joe. Alessandra has such a powerful voice, while Joe is really charismatic. Joe actually turned all four chairs. This is a really interesting pair. Their voices are so different. Alessandra’s biggest problem is being too shy. She needs to put her own style into the song, while Joe’s voice isn’t as powerful. He has an amazing voice, though. He’s holding back and is so nervous. Adam can relate. He got nervous when he was first getting famous and he really wants to help Joe through it. “This has to be a showstopper,” Adam says. “Whoever can do better is gonna go forward.” In the end, it’s anybody’s game.

Their performance of Rihanna‘s “Stay” is really pretty. They’re putting everything they have into it and their voices blend really well together. I think Joe does a better job, though.

Blake says he doesn’t know what Alessandra could have done better, but Joe might have had “one of the most perfect vocals I have ever heard.” Pharrell says Joe had a career while Alessandra had a great presence. She’s a real diva and has such an amazing talent. Gwen says she actually had tear in her eyes because the performance was so beautiful.

Adam’s stumped. They both did too well. He really struggles and hesitates. He’s taking forever. In the end, though, Adam has to go with Alessandra. I really didn’t see that coming. Adam kept treating Joe like a brother. I thought he was going to choose him for sure. I like that he’s not playing favorites, though. Joe cries, but Pharrell gives him a great pep talk and tells him not to give up. 

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Result: Adam chooses Alessandra Castronovo

Clara Hong and Rebekah Samarin

There’s not enough time, but Adam has Clara and Rebekah battle. He chooses Rekebah.

Result: Adam chooses Rebekah Samarin

Grant Ganzer and John Martin

Grant and John from Blake’s team also battle. Blake chooses Grant because he’s not “quite like anybody else.”

Result: Blake chooses Grant Ganzer

Justin Johnes and Tanner Linford

Justin and returning artist Tanner from Blake’s team also battle. Blake says it’s impossible to not fall in love with Tanner.

Result: Blake chooses Tanner Linford

Menlik Zergabachew and Troy Ritchie Perform “Maneater”

Menlik and Troy have completely different styles, so I’m excited to hear them together. Gwen’s super nervous to be a great coach for them, though. She thinks they’d go well together because they’re equally talented. They both have character and uniqueness, but they’re a team now.

Menlik is keeping his reggae vibe, but is proving that he has a huge range. He needs to work on the melody. Troy, meanwhile, has a great style, but he’s holding back too much, which could make him seem weaker. They just both have such different and distinct styles, so it’s really interesting to compare them. The song actually was a reggae song originally. Gwen wants them to ad lib a bit more, and adviser Gavin Rossdale wants them to meld together more. They both need to keep things natural and work on their stage presence a bit.

Their performance is so much fun and they both are bouncing along and seem really into it. They kept their individual styles and characters, but they work so well together. I think this is the best performance of the night. And Gwen’s really into. She’s beaming and bouncing along. This has to be the toughest decision of the night. I happen to like Menlik the best, but this is just so close.

“That’s some good singing,” Blake says. Adam says it’s hard to look cool singing that song, but they managed it. He says they both made the biggest leap out of the artists on The Voice so far this season, while Blake calls it the best battle of the day. Pharrell says he’s really impressed with Troy and that Menlik made Ethiopia proud. Gwen has a really tough choice, but she ultimately goes with Troy because she’s going with the name of the show, The Voice. I’m so surprised. I think Menlik has a huge presence.

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Result: Gwen chooses Troy Ritchie

Adam and Pharrell Try to Steal Menlik

Thank god Menlik isn’t going anywhere. I love him. So Adam and Pharrell are battling it out for Menlik. Adam assumes he’ll choose Pharaell, and Pharrell says he wins either way. In the way, he does choose Pharrell.

Result: Pharrell Steals Menlik


After some intense battles, Adam kept Alessandra and Rebekah, Blake kept Grant and Tanner, Gwen kept Troy, and Pharrell kept Taylor and stole Menlik. There was only one steal during this episode of The Voice and Adam and Pharrell fought it out, but Menlik ultimately went with Pharrell.

The Voice airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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