This week, Dance Moms has their final reunion of season 4. What new secrets will we learn? We already know that Abby wasn’t happy with the solos at last week’s Nationals. Will she talk about that? Will she admit that she has favorites? The title of the reunion, “Playing Favorites,” hints at “favoritism” being an issue. Viewers know that Abby favors Maddie and to some degree MacKenzie, but will she admit it? So here are seven things I learned from this week’s Dance Moms reunion.

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1. The Not-So-Big News

Abby will open the Abby Lee LA studio. Hollywood is the place to be, and she has people there already who can teach and students who want to study from her.

2 The Reason the Solos Didn’t Win at Nationals

According to Abby, it was because Maddie didn’t dance. If Maddie had danced a solo at Nationals, she would have won. Now Abby can always tell Jill, “I told you so,” and Kendall couldn’t do her job.

Cathy later says she didn’t want to take anything away from Maddie. When Abby talks while Cathy is talking, Cathy calls her rude.

3. Christi Sees Abby as a Horrible Person

Christi and Abby’s fight at Nationals is revisited, and Abby thinks that Christi goes “for the jugular.” Abby’s biggest issue with Christi is that she doesn’t make Chloe’s training a priority. Christi reminds everyone of the scoring issue and how Abby disagreed over the technique score. Abby denies it and has issues with both girls.

Christi points out that Chloe doesn’t get the choreography that she needs to win. Does Abby really hate when Chloe succeeds as Christi suggests? Abby throws it at Christi that she keeps bringing Chloe back to her studio.

4. Maddie, the Favorite

Maddie is a star according to Abby. Sia contacted Maddie on Twitter to do the dance for the music video for “Chandelier.” Maddie only had two hours to learn the routine. Maddie also wrote the foreword for Abby’s book and understands she’s the favorite.

Melissa looks nervous when Christi and Holly point out that Melissa plays both sides of the situation. Melissa states that she puts her children first. Abby sees Maddie’s preferential treatment as earned. The definition of right and wrong is distorted by favoritism by both Abby and Melissa’s reasoning.

Holly puts it best: Abby tears the other dancers down to feed Maddie’s ego/reputation. Wait a minute! Holly has another good line: Dance Moms is now the Maddie infomercial.

5. Holly and Abby

Is Holly Abby’s next target? We’ve seen how Abby turned on Kelly and Christi, but is she turning on Holly? Holly is still upset over the pregnancy comments that Abby made about Nia and thinks it is funny. Holly tells us that Nia learned the choreography under different choreographers, but Abby takes the credit for Nia’s success. Holly will stay at the studio to fight Abby’s injustice. She’s not a coward and will not be silent.

6. Abby and Respect

Abby doesn’t really respect the Dance Moms and the moms have lost respect for Abby. Abby’s reasoning does not agree with what Abby says.

The new team was brought in, according to Abby, to make the original Dance Moms team fight harder for first. The moms see this as Abby not respecting the girls. Abby sees it as making them work harder. The original Dance Moms point out that Abby lets the new moms get away with things that they never could do. Chloe was sent home from Nationals because of Lesley and Christi’s fight. Abby says that Sara was also punished. Did Sara have a solo at Nationals that I didn’t know about?

7. The New Moms

The new moms are upset because their daughters didn’t get the winning choreography at the championship. Abby says that the Elite team had to get the routine to win because the Select Team is beautiful and can dance anywhere. Boy, Abby sure respects her original Dance Moms team, doesn’t she?

Jeanette tells us that Abby will do anything to get Christi out of the studio. Jeanette sees her daughter as the weapon and she will never bring Ava back to Abby.

The Dances for Tonight

“Tribal Council” — starring Nia. If it starred Nia, then why was she in the back row for most of the dance?

“Fool Me Twice” — a trio with Kendall, Chloe and Maddie. Maddie is off-center.

MacKenzie’s music video for “To Shine” is shown, but is it MacKenzie or Maddie dancing?

“Lucky Star”–performed by Chloe.

“Save the Rain Forest” — performed by the Elite and Select Teams combined for the first time. It appears effortless.

“Freaks Like Me” — the music video starring the ADLC team. By the way, Nia can sing better than Maddie! 


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