There are only 10 cheftestants left on Hell’s Kitchen. Chef Gordon Ramsay has tossed perhaps the craziest of curve balls at them all season long. Yet one has to wonder, had Ramsay not raised the stakes, would their drama and inability to finish out numerous dinner services still have made for such entertaining television? Of course not! We want the whole shebang!

After Robyn’s switch from the Red Team to the Blue, both groups will be adjusting to their new chemistry. On top of this shake-up, three very special diners will ask for the cheftestants to perform at their very best. Let us see who comes out on top!

Christina is “doing cartwheels on the inside,” she says, elated that Robyn is gone. The Red Team enjoys being without one dramatic member, at least. The Blue Team looks to be a little hesitant having her in their kitchen now. I can’t say that I blame them.

More gambling! Seeing as how the winner of Hell’s Kitchen will work as executive chef at Steak at Paris, this week’s challenge has something to do with gambling. In the dining room, Chef Ramsay presents both teams with a craps table.

Challenge: Each member of the team must roll the dice. Each side of the dice has a letter on it. They must call out an ingredient that starts with the corresponding letter.

The Blue Team is overall stumped with ingredients. They come up with … well, mostly a vegetarian line-up:
Hematoma Tomato

The Red Team has a better shot at a well-rounded dish:
Brussels Sprouts

Challenge Winner: The Blue Team

The winners will stay in a high roller suite at Paris in Las Vegas, dining at the prize restaurant. The Red Team will be taking out their frustrations with Dana for crunchy brussels sprouts while spending all night preparing pulled pork. And guess who’s crying! Yes, Kimmie’s crocodile tears are rolling down those rosy cheeks, again!

The suite at Paris is a lavish scene of extravagance, but Royce can only focus on one thing. Every other word is “girls.” More on Brian’s mind is Carrot Top, who awaits the Blue Team for a special meeting. They sit around with champagne, laughing as the comedian presents a chef’s hat prop equipped with a visor. This way, the cheftestants would not be able to hear their loud boss. It’s genius.

Back in the dorms, the Red Team suffers through a night of alarms. A timer sounds, letting the members know when to check the pork. They don’t get much sleep.

During prep for dinner service the next night, the Blue Team comes in and gets to their weekly routine. Robyn is immediately confused. “You guys do things different,” she complains. The guys are busy and don’t want to hear anything she has to say.

To make things even more nerve racking, Chef Ramsay lets both teams know who will be sitting at the Chef’s Tables this evening. For the Blue Team, they will be serving season 9 winner of American Idol┬áLee Dewyze, and Season 10 finalist Haley Reinhart. The Red Team will be hosting one of the most famous soccer players ever. Brace yourselves, ladies. David Beckham is in the building.

This will be a difficult one for the women. Even James has a hard time keeping his voice from sounding as though he’s going through puberty. Everyone’s excited. Dana will be the Beckham’s — David and his sons — personal server.

Dinner Service

Clemenza kicks things off to a slow start in the Blue kitchen, once again. He has to try his scallops a second time. The Red Team, on the other hand, starts off slow also, as Dana needs help with her flat bread pizza. Beckham’s smile has mesmerized all of the Red kitchen.

The flat bread seems to be giving everyone a hard time, and Robyn tries to save her new team by taking over. Lee Dewyze gives her efforts a strong “It’s good.” Thanks, I guess?

It’s official. The girls are winning tonight. All the diners are happily eating their scallop appetizers thanks to Tiffany, and risotto is flying out of the Blue kitchen because of Robyn. The guys are obviously losing after Clemenza’s slip-up, and now Royce cannot seem to get the time on his Wellingtons right. Ramsay calls Brian, Clemenza, Justin and Royce into the supply closet. “This can’t be good,” says Royce. That’s right, all the guys are out.

Robyn is left to do EVERYTHING by herself. Cue the clown music. “Take a few deep breaths and get your [expletive] back in here NOW!” pleads Robyn.

Remember when Tiffany was dishing out appetizer after appetizer? Well, this time around she kills an entire order because she delivers cod instead of sea bass. Even after Ramsay tells her to cook up some more, she pulls MORE COD!

There is more confusion in the Blue Team as Clemenza’s cod and Royce’s pork come up a failure. Ramsay tells Clemenza, “You’re cooking like a donkey!” Get it together, Clemenza!

Barbie saves the Red kitchen with her pork chops. She smiles, saying, “David Beckham liked my pork chops!” It’s two hours into dinner service and the Blue Team has not sent out a single entree. Ramsay’s solution is to have the Red Team, who has finished, help in the Blue kitchen.

“It took every bit of every part of me not to turn around and shove her head into the fryer,” says Brian. One guess at who started the drama. You guessed it! Tiffany. Thanks to Christina, the Blue Team is put under control and BOTH services are completed.

“The only person on the men’s team that did well,” comments Chef Ramsay, “was a woman!” Pick your bottom two, Blue Team.

Clemenza refuses to be up for elimination even though he is. Robyn is the deciding factor between Royce and Brian.


Royce somehow thinks that telling Ramsay that beating himself up literally will help keep him in Hell’s Kitchen. Clemenza tells Ramsay, “No way,” he’s not done. Both cheftestants are asked to hand over their jackets.

Eliminated: Royce

Made you look! Clemenza is handed a clean jacket and told to get back in line with the Blue Team.

We’re down to nine cheftestants, folks! Tomorrow on Hell’s Kitchen, things start off fun during a chicken wing eating contest. The tables soon turn, though, as the episode turns “unpredictable.” I really don’t have much else to say about it because the promo looks just as vague as this description is. Just tune in and watch!

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