What an immensely underwhelming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Between Khloe and Lamar returning to LA and incorrigible cad Scott Disick hosting some misguided girl’s Sweet 16 bash, there’s so much potential for cringe-worthy antics. Unfortunately, everything falls flatter than Kris Jenner’s forehead post-Botox.

Return of a Maverick

Prodigal daughter Khloe comes back to the fold following husband Lamar Odom leaving the Dallas Mavericks. All the Kardashians get excited over the reunion — finally, all the sisters will be reunited. Even with one daughter coming home, Bruce starts feeling disconnected from Kylie and Kendall as they’re able to drive themselves now.

You Make Me Disick

Meanwhile, Scott’s jetting to New York to host a Sweet 16 party and set up the restaurant he’s opening soon. What 16-year-old girl in her right mind would want the guy from Keeping Up with the Kardashians known for his boozing and temper tantrums? Did they try for Kim or Kourtney and they were just too much for the party’s budget? Either way, neither of those things occur and Scott maintains self-control. How disappointing.

Lying to Your Daughters and Other Useful Parenting Techniques

Back at the ranch, Bruce is secretly keeping Kendall and Kylie’s car in the shop to spend some time with them. What a good parent, he’s willing to lie to his children to show how much he loves them. That won’t cause any psychological complexes when they grow up. Even when they discover their car is in perfect working order, they don’t flip out on their father because teenage girls are perfectly rational when it comes to parents telling them half-truths.

Khloe Odominates Kardashians

When Khloe arrives, she’s immediately bombarded with pleas to go visit Scott’s restaurant in New York with the rest of her family. When she declines, stating she has to do a small thing called “move my entire life from Dallas to California,” they call out her obvious excuses. Kourtney brings up how they never see Khloe anymore. She’s got every right to accuse Khloe of that, since Kourtney was the model of punctuation on their family vacation. The episode ends with Khloe dramatically stating she’s more Odom than Kardashian and storming off.

Overall, everything was really low-key this episode. If anything, it seemed like preparation for Monday’s new show introducing Kanye into the Kardashian web. Will Yeezy and Kim’s romance spice up this otherwise stale season? Comment and let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer

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Daniel Mikelonis

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