We thought we had seen the last of the TO BE CONTINUED warnings on Hell’s Kitchen, but guess what? it ain’t over yet! Tonight is Family Night and steak is on the menu. Will the drama that surfaced last night find a spot on the back burner? Or will both kitchens go down in flames?

I’m sure you all have been on the edge of your seat since the credits rolled last night. Kimmie burned her hand just as service was about to begin and was told not to set foot back in the kitchen. Will this put a stop to the drama? Of course not! It’s reality television! Now, let us observe as we witness the fame-hungry cheftestants in their natural habitat.


Kimmie is back out on the kitchen floor with bandages on her hand. Everyone on the Red Team is commending her for her determination. Well, everyone except for Robyn who says, “She is a cry baby!” I’m sure Robyn would cry, too, if she burned her hand in two places.

Family Night Dinner Service

The children flood the dining room. “I wonder if the Blue Team will win, or the Red!” says the cutest of little boys. Each child will receive a complimentary mini pizza for an appetizer. Clemenza, on the Blue Team, shows off. The dough is flying in the air and over to the tables on the Blue side. As for the Red Team, unfortunately, the one cheftestant who doesn’t like kids is cooking burnt pizza for kids. Tiffany just does not seem to care. Then again, Tiffany never cares. Barbie takes over the pizza station.

The Blue Team is relying on Brian for appetizers who for some odd reason is speaking in Spanish. No one understands what he’s saying. His belinis look either like medallions or pancakes. Focus on food and not stand-up comedy. Back in the Red kitchen, Tiffany still doesn’t care about much. “The only thing I’ve ever seen Tiffany care about in this competition,” comments Barbie, “is a cigarette.” Once again, Barbie takes over the station.

Entrees prove to be a problem for both kitchens. Patrick of the Blue Team delivers raw rib-eye steaks while Kimmie and Robyn cannot seem to push the drama to the side and coordinate their timing. When asked who did what in the Red kitchen, Robyn’s filets are cute horribly. Kimmie comes out on top, yet again!

“Three filet, one hanger!” becomes the battle cry of the Blue kitchen. Royce calls out the order, perhaps, five times loud enough for the valet to hear outside. When Chef Ramsay asks Patrick what he’s bringing to the pass, he answers, “two filet …” WRONG! Ramsay tells Patrick to walk out and get some air. After a small pity party, Patrick returns and is ready to do it and do it right.

Robyn is giving the entree station a true run for its money. She tries to lie to Ramsay when her fish is found to be cold, saying it was cooked three minutes ago when in all actuality it was well over that. “I wouldn’t feed that to my [expletive] cat!” yells Ramsay.

Let’s turn our attention back to Patrick. It’s not pretty, but we must. Remember the battle cry? “Three filet, one hanger!” Exactly. Well, now Patrick has given Ramsay two perfectly good filet while the last is raw. How is this possible? I don’t think Patrick even knows. He’ll have time to think about it now that he’s been tossed out of the kitchen. “I keep letting my family down,” he cries. Poor guy!

Justin comes to the rescue and entrees are leaving the Blue kitchen. Kimmie and Robyn are still at odds in the Red kitchen, having to be pulled aside by Ramsay and told to, “get it together!”

Royce believes he is the “Rolls Royce of the competition.” He might want to think again because a raw steak sends him upstairs to join Patrick.

The Red Team loses it COMPLETELY. Everyone is arguing and nothing is getting done. Ramsay calls the Blue Team in to help with each station, but the arguing does not stop. The dining room is filled with children and there are curse words flying all over the place. A cold steak sends each and every Red Team member up to the dorms.

Don’t think the drama ends there, that was only the appetizer. Kimmie is keeping to herself while Robyn begins mouthing off to her other teammates. Christina can’t take the heat and sits out on the steps, informing Kimmie of Robyn’s words. The confrontation starts off on a low note and soon digs a bottomless pit. I would share what was said, but most of it was censored. Basically, Robyn keeps her friends close and enemies closer.

The Blue Team, Clemenza, Justin and Brian, finished up service. Ramsay thanks the three men, but there is no winner tonight. You know what that means! Two members of each team will be nominated for elimination.

The Blue Team nominates Patrick and Royce immediately. The Red Team, on the other hand, have A LOT to talk about. Barbie and Tiffany are at odds, even though Barbie did a good job during service. And we all know Robyn hates any word out of Kimmie’s mouth. They start up again! Robyn blames Kimmie forĀ  her cold fish, saying that the call of time was wrong. “You need to get your ears cleaned out [expletive]!” yells Kimmie. The next thing everyone knows, tiny Robyn has posted up in front of Kimmie’s tall frame. The Red Team is able to peel the two away from one another.

Royce and Patrick and Tiffany and Robyn step before Chef Ramsay after Robyn raises her voice to Kimmie in front of her potential boss. “There are no friends here because I want to work for him,” she says. Right, I’m sure that helps you.

It’s pretty obvious that one of the Red Team members will be leaving us tonight, so let’s just focus on them, shall we? Barbie lends her comments on Tiffany saying that she simply doesn’t care about anything. Tiffany turns around and starts yet ANOTHER argument just before possibly being eliminated. She then has the nerve to say, “I care on a scale from 1 – 10 on like a 9.” Wow!

Robyn on the other hand wants to work with the Blue Team because, as she says, “they respect me!” I really don’t think so. Ramsay sends Royce and Tiffany back to their teams. So who will be leaving Hell’s Kitchen tonight?

Eliminated: Patrick

You have got to be kidding me! This is totally for ratings’ sake because Robyn gets her wish and is switched over to the Blue Team! This just cannot work.

Tune in next week when Hell’s Kitchen serves another celebrity. Soccer star David Beckham dines in next Monday, giving the ladies of the Red Team a reason to giggle like school girls and possibly fail another dinner service.

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