Let the flames begin! The weekend is over, yet again, Gordan Ramsay lovers, and why not celebrate Monday night with Hell’s Kitchen? The competition has been slimmed down to eleven cheftestants who are slicing their way towards becoming the executive chef at Ramsay’s Steak at Paris restaurant in Las Vegas. Being in Vegas, it’s only fitting that there be a gambling challenge.

That’s right! Tonight in Hell’s Kitchen, the cheftestants will be cooking to order by say of slot machines. On this odder than ever episode, the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” may not be the case!

“The vibe on the Red Team is we’re confident,” says Kimmie. Christina has just gotten a job well done from Chef Ramsay. On the other hand, the Blue Team looks to be torn. Clemenza and Brian are looking for the silver lining, while Patrick and Royce continue to butt heads.

The next morning, things really get weird. Kimmie shares her “rapping skills” with both teams. There’s no need to repeat anything that was said because … well, it just wasn’t very good.

It’s time to head to the dining room to meet up with Chef Ramsay. He stands next to a giant object covered by a gold sheet. What on earth could be under there? A SLOT MACHINE!

Challenge: Each team member will step up to the machine and gamble for their steak dish ingredients. Then they will each have an allotted amount of time to cook with what they’ve been randomly assigned. Each team member will be put head to head against a contestant of the opposing team.

The Red Team has to ask one person to sit the gambling stage out and no one wants to volunteer. Can you blame them? Who doesn’t want to pull the lever on a gigantic slot machine? Against her will, Kimmie sits out and definitely has something to say about those that stayed in.

Kimmie may have stepped out of gambling, but she is still cooking. She must cook against one of her own teammates, choosing Robyn who has selected rib-eye.

Royce is yelling to call his “momma” because she knows that he can cook, Kimmie is frying everything, including the parsnips that she’s never seen before and Robyn has “got this [expletive].”

The Red Team now has to choose which of Robyn’s or Kimmie’s rib-eye dishes should be judged. Robyn’s dish is chosen and Kimmie starts crying. “Sometimes I feel like I’m dealing with a child,” says Robyn.

Red Team v Blue Team
Dana and Patrick – 0 points
Christina and Royce – Christina, 1 point
Barbie and Brian – both, 1 point each
Tiffany and Justin – Justin, 1 point
Robyn and Clemenza – Clemenza, 1 point

So you add all that up and you have a winning Blue Team, finally! Did you catch the upset, though? Yep! Robin’s dish was chosen and Robin is the reason why her team lost. Curious, Chef Ramsay tastes Kimmie’s rib-eye dish and says it’s “delicious.”

The Blue Team is sent shopping at Sur La Table and to one of the best restaurants in L.A, Comme Ca. Meanwhile, the Red Team is left to haul and butcher a huge slab of beef from the truck. Would you like a mental image? Good! Here you go. “Me and Clemenza could have laid down next to each other and still not have been as big as this piece of meat,” says Kimmie.

The “Rib-Eye Ordeal” as I have dubbed it, has caused for the drama in the Red kitchen to show its evil face once again between Robin and Kimmie. What starts as Robin accusing Barbie of taking her knives, ends up being an argument between the former best friends. Dinner service should be a walk in the park.

Things get worse when Robyn can’t sleep because of Kimmie’s snoring. At 5:30 in the morning, Robyn sneaks into the other room with Christina, Barbie and Dana and takes an empty bed. Once everyone wakes up, the girls are upset that Robyn snuck into their room instead of sleeping on the couch. High school drama, right? Exactly!

Before dinner service, both teams are at each others’ throats. Justin is upsetting everyone on the Blue Team for calling out orders. With the Red Team, Barbie is catching Tiffany’s attitude because she is fixing her preparation mistakes. And this is all before Chef Ramsay sets foot in the kitchen!

“When you are in this kitchen,” comments Dana, “drop all your [expletive] drama at the door.” Nicely said, Dana. Too bad it wasn’t to their faces.

Ramsay enters and gives his speech to the cheftestants. Justin’s Filet Mignon will be on the menu for Family Night. So all goes well until Kimmie fires up the burner and burns herself in two places. Clemenza takes her to the back and sends for a medic who says, “you’re not going back out there.” Is this the end for Kimmie?

Tomorrow on Hell’s Kitchen, Kimmie may have come close to leaving the competition, but that doesn’t mean that she’s earned a pass through the drama. She and Robyn resemble David and Goliath as the Red Team c rumbles. Plus, Patrick makes such a shocking mistake for the Blue Team that he claims he’s let his family down. Tune in to see this very memorable dinner service.

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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