Hell’s Kitchen is down to its final four. With Scott and Rochelle in the midst of a potential meltdown, it looks like Melanie and Jason may have this whole thing wrapped up. Do I buy that? No way! This is Ramsay after all.

Dorm Life

As they start for the dorms, Ramsay tells them to celebrate. Jason feels great and the rest are trying to wrap their minds around the fact that they are still there. Hey gang, we’re surprised too. Scott tells us that while Ramsay has given him a hard time, he’s learned much from our dear celebrity chef.

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The Individual Competition

The next morning, the chefs arrive to what appears to be bodyguards waiting. Ramsay tells them they are going outside to meet special guests. While they’re expecting someone important, I’m wondering if it is families. Looks like I was right, as Rochelle’s mom and fiancee exit a car followed by Melanie’s boyfriend and mom. Jason gets a visit from his girlfriend and mom while Scott’s children and wife arrive. All enter Hell’s Kitchen for a special Ramsay meal. I see the challenge but poor Melanie didn’t even taste the dish. 

Ramsay tells them to say goodbye and return to work. Have I mentioned I really like Scott tonight? Ramsay announces that it is the “taste it and make it” day. They must recreate the dish they shared with their family. Melanie is upset because she didn’t taste it and Scott only took one bite. No problem! Ramsay gives them an example. They have 40 minutes and off they dash.

These chefs never learn! While three go with sole, Scott tries escolar and finds himself out early. Melanie leaves when she uses pumpkin instead of squash. That leaves Rochelle and Jason to battle it out on puree. Jason wins with watercress. Rochelle looks bummed out. She’s can’t believe watercress made her lose.

Jason’s prize is a VIP restaurant tour with Andi. He’s going to find surprises along the way and the first, stainless steel cookware, is upstairs in the dorm. His first stop is Fig and Olive followed by meeting his mom and girlfriend at the second stop. Andi leaves them to enjoy a meal together. I love this! Jason’s mom asks if he has yelled at people and he has this confused look on his face. Meanwhile Scott has been a one man moving crew.

Dinner Service

Ramsay tells the chefs that each will get a chance at the pass tonight. He reminds them that two will leave tonight. The doors open. Ramsay is expecting excellence on the line and quality on the pass. This may be good, as this group either excels or suffer meltdowns each week. With the first appetizers going out, it looks like they may have their act together (or at least until Ramsay calls them to the pass).

First up at the pass is nervous Rochelle. She calls the order fast, sending Jason into panic. James brings up the first sabotage, but Rochelle spots it and giggles as she calls James on it. Ramsay tells her to be serious and not giggle because she will lose respect. She pulls her act together and appetizers leave the kitchen. The second test from James is a risotto with the wrong fish. She spots it and gets a well done.

Up next is Melanie and her dedication to detail fails as she forgets the menu doesn’t have a special. Turning to Ramsay, he informs her that there is no “special” on the menu so she calls JP over to get a correction. She doesn’t seem to have the kitchen’s attention as she can’t get responses in regard to time or even a “yes, chef.” Finally, she figures it out and has the kitchen under control. I still am not happy with her quality control.

Next up is Scott. He calls his first order and gets a response. Scott admits the pass isn’t fun. The first dishes go out. James serves duck instead of chicken, and Scott catches it and calls James out. He passes with flying colors and becomes focused on tasting all dishes. The rest hate his pickiness, but Ramsay is impressed.

Jason is up but isn’t serious. He’s laid back and soon gets that reaction from the others. Ramsay isn’t happy with Jason’s method. Scott doesn’t see Jason getting respect and Melanie seems confused. Ramsay doesn’t like that service is slowing down and has a discussion with Jason, who gets the last dishes out.

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The Decision

Ramsay sends the chefs upstairs and tells them to decide who doesn’t belong. Melanie wants Scott out because he wasn’t visible during the first part of the competition. Rochelle picks Jason and talks too fast to be considered coherent. Scott returns the favor and puts Melanie up because of her consistency issues, while Jason picks Rochelle because she gets frantic.

Ramsay tells them it is a tough decision. The first person leaving is Rochelle. Ramsay tells her that she’s energetic but I think her personality got in her way.

Ramsay announces that Scott is the first finalist and calls him the come-back kid. Take that Melanie! The chef that joins Scott in the finals is Jason. It’s an all-male finale this year, and it may be interesting. Ramsay tells Melanie to keep her jacket and tells her that she was born to cook. She gets a hug from both the guys as she leaves.

My Thoughts

If you has asked me at the beginning of the season of Hell’s Kitchen, I wouldn’t have expected the men to survive. Now we have two of them in the finale. Which one will win? Who deserves it more? Post your comments below as we prepare for next week’s finale.

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