Hell’s Kitchen is down to the final six and what a final six! Personally, this is the toughest call I have ever had to make on who deserves to win in 12 seasons. In the days of season five and six, fans could see which two chefs deserved the win. It’s almost impossible to pick a winner from those remaining chefs but here is how I see the chefs doing.


Scott is a long shot to win Hell’s Kitchen. He has low confidence and is afraid of Ramsay. Also Scott has been accused of getting in people’s way but it’s more that he doesn’t know how to work with others. While he doesn’t apparently have issues with any of the remaining chefs, he also has blended into the background and floated for most of the season. Hopefully his talk with Andi last week will help him understand how to work with others and impress our beloved despot, Gordon Ramsay. His odds of winning are at 100 to 1.


Once a confident cook, Kashia has recently been feeling the pressure. Last week we watched as she suffered her first real breakdown because she is missing her daughter. Kashia has strength in cooking but her voice is loud but not necessarily that of a leader. So far every time she has had the opportunity to take charge, it has turned into a fight with someone. To get the others to recognize her as a leader, she needs to maintain a sense of confidence. Her odds of winning at present are 75 to 1.

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Joy can cook but she has a tendency to over think her dishes. Whenever she is doing chicken, she slows down which causes the kitchen to back up. It seems that she can’t get pass her earlier chicken problems. A good chef learns and learns to correct them. She talks confidence but hasn’t shown it when faced with her nemesis dish, chicken. To have the position as head chef of any of Ramsay’s restaurants, you need to be confident, fast and positive. If she doesn’t develop this mindset, she’ll be out by the final four. Her odds of winning are 25 to 1.


If Joy and Kashia have too little confidence, Jason makes up for it by having too much confidence. His attitude borders on arrogance as he tells us about his superior skills. His mouth and his skills though are not equal. He knows what to do when he steps into the kitchen but he rushes his dishes which leads to under or overcooked meat. By pointing out others’ mistakes, he hopes no one calls him on his. Jason hasn’t learned that being a head chef means being a team player. A good head chef is only as good as his weakest link. His chance of winning is also at 25 to 1.


Melanie is a good cook. The real question though can she become a great chef. She’s not consistent and hasn’t maintained the same level of excellence over the season. Last week she sent out pink chicken. While Melanie hasn’t lacked a voice, she hasn’t been an effective leader either because she spends too much time patting herself on the back. If she can think before talking and learn that she’s not the only cook in the kitchen, she may just win it the competition. Right now, she’s one of the front runners with a 4 in 1 chance of winning.


At the start of Hell’s Kitchen, I wouldn’t have thought Rochelle would be in the final six. She missed her family and her heart didn’t seem in the competition. As the weeks have passed, her confidence has grown. Now she wants this win so badly for her family that she’s took her skill to a new level. Her cooking has improved so much that Ramsey has offered her compliments. Rochelle has won challenges. She has worked as a team and proved she knows how to help others. If she can retain the team concept and run the kitchen under sabotage conditions, she has a good chance of winning the whole thing. Her chance of winning is 2 to 1.

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Your Turn

So those are my opinions on the remaining chefs and their odds of winning Hell’s Kitchen season 12. It may be one of the weakest seasons ever but we never know how they will surprise us at the end. I know you have opinions. What do you think of my picks? What are yours? Let me know as this season of Hell’s Kitchen winds down below in the comments. 

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Linda Martindale

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