Andi Dorfman has narrowed down her search for love now that she has four guys remaining on The Bachelorette season 10. Nick, Josh, Marcus and Chris have all been front runners at one point in the competition but who will end up with the final rose? While the finale may be several weeks away, host Chris Harrison and Andi Dorfman’s insight on this week’s dates might just offer some clues. Check out what they have to say below.


So far, Marcus has been on four group dates – one of which he received the group date rose, and two one-on-one dates. He initially thought about leaving the competition but decided against it. He has since opened up to Andi about his family and his feelings for her.

Chris Harrison on Marcus: “Marcus and Andi have a very sweet relationship. He’s been very open and honest with her about his feelings. At dinner he let Andi know about his family, and she now knows him even better. Opening up like this is difficult and doesn’t happen that often. Marcus has made his intentions clear for some time now, and Andi is very much appreciative and enjoying learning more and more about him.”

Andi Dorfman on Marcus: “My favorite moment you didn’t get to see was when Marcus went and bought postcards. We spent some time writing to our families, which I thought was the sweetest idea! I really loved my conversation with Marcus. I have always been impressed and enamored with Marcus’s ability to be vulnerable and wear his emotions on his sleeve, and that night was no different. It took a lot of courage to open up about his past, and I remember thinking about how strong Marcus was. I didn’t want him to think that I would ever judge him because he didn’t have a picture perfect family. Marcus has been through and has overcome so much in his life, and it has made him into this amazing man. After that date, I felt so much closer to him and I knew I really wanted to go to Dallas to meet his family.”

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The farmer from Iowa remains a strong contended on The Bachelorette despite having just one  one-on-one date with Andi, who granted him the first kiss of the season. He’s also been on four group dates but has found ways to woo the Bachelorette by sending her letters and later revealing that he’s her secret admirer.

Andi Dorfman on Chris: “I took Chris to the pottery room where the monks make vases, cups, bowls and much more. Chris and I were terrible at making the pottery, but we had so much fun doing our very own Ghost reenactment. I really loved seeing him all playful, and thankfully, that room was outside of the walls, so we shared a sweet kiss!”


Nick earned a big target on his back ever since he received the first impression rose from Andi but it seems that this frontrunner knows just how to win Andi’s heart. With two one-on-one dates and three group dates,  he continues to make bold gestures, including a secret visit, to get Andi’s attention– much to Andi’s delight.  

Chris Harrison on Nick: “What really stood out on this date and the entire week is Nick. He is somehow forefront on the minds of all the other guys. He has rattled their cages… You see, the guys are sick of Nick’s antics, but Andi is eating them up. She can’t get enough of this guy and loves how he takes charge and makes their relationship happen. Sneaking to her room, stealing time and kisses, it’s all working exactly as intended. He’s wooing her. Now what I would take exception to is if I felt he was being dishonest with his intentions with Andi and felt he was using her in some way. I don’t feel that way at all. I felt the entire time that Nick’s intentions were true and his feelings were real.”

Andi Dorfman on Nick:  “I have to admit, I had been waiting for a guy to sneak over this season, and it hadn’t happened yet, so I figured it wasn’t going to :(. But when I least expected it, there was a knock on the door and it was Nick! It was so cute to see how nervous Nick was when he knocked on the door! I was completely taken by surprise, but I loved it! What I liked most about it was that all Nick really wanted to do was go for a walk. He didn’t feel the need to sneak off into an ocean or go to a hot tub.  Nick really made me feel special that night and he definitely brought the passion.’

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Josh was a bit of a question mark at the beginning of the competition especially after he freaked out about the lie detector test, making it seem that he was hiding something. But after two one-on-one dates and five group dates with Josh, he finally opened up to Andi about his feelings. 

Chris Harrison on Josh: “Josh has been playing it pretty cool for a while now but on this date he finally cracked and let Andi know that he’s falling in love with her.”

Andi Dorfman on Josh: “The best part of the date was definitely when Josh told me he was falling in love. I was completely shocked! I wanted Josh to just open up and tell me how he felt, but I knew he is much more reserved with his feelings than most of the other guys. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least. I remembered that Josh promised that the next person he says he’s falling love with will be his wife. So for Josh to put himself out there like that, and to say he’s falling in love, it was so huge. It really meant a lot to me, and I felt like Josh and I took a huge step forward that week and I was excited to meet his family.” 

Who do you think will get the final rose from Andi?

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