As the pool of men competing for Andi Dorfman’s heart on The Bachelorette dwindles, we get to spend quality airtime with the remaining suitors.

In Brussels only Brian, Chris, Dylan, Josh, Marcus and Nick remained, yet the topic of conversation amongst the suitors this week centered around just one of the guys– Nick.

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It seemed like every time the fellas were not around Andi, they gossiped about Nick, as their hatred for him reached a breaking point.

But is their hatred of Nick justified … or are they just jealous?

Here for the Wrong Reasons

One of the original claims against Nick is that he is here for the wrong reasons. The right reason to be here is for Andi, which means the wrong reason would be for fame, the amazing traveling or the potential to end up as the next Bachelor.

Marcus went so far as to predict that Nick will end up in the final two and then walk away. Sorry, Marcus, but this makes no sense. What would his goal be?

Anyone who believes that Nick isn’t legitimately falling madly in love with Andi is blind. Even though I may not like Nick, I can at least see that his feelings are as real as they can be on a show like this.

The chemistry between Nick and Andi has been undeniable from the start. They share a special connection, and it is not one-sided. Plus, shouldn’t Ms. Prosecutor know when someone is lying to her? Andi can tell that Nick is really into her.

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The Game vs. Andi’s Heart

Another of Chris and Brian’s accusations is that Nick spends more time strategizing about the game than he does thinking about Andi.

After watching Nick in his confessionals and his conversations with the guys, I am getting a good picture of how his mind works. He is one of those people who is always thinking and always trying to figure stuff out. He never just relaxes.

So when they get to a new city and the first date card comes, it is natural for Nick to just open his mouth and start talking about what that means. That’s just how his brain operates.

He’s a smart dude, which even Josh admitted. The only “strategy” I have seen him put into play was sneaking over to Andi’s room and taking her for a midnight walk. And that wasn’t even really strategizing. It was just making a smart, bold move. Which Andi loved, by the way.

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Unpopular Personality

The rest of the reasons the guys hate Nick can be lumped under the the label “unpopular personality.” They don’t like his cockiness, they don’t trust him and they see how he can’t get along with others in a house full of guys.

Nick is cocky because he is a frontrunner. Shoud he tone down his confidence when he’s talking to the guys? Maybe.
The reason they don’t trust him is because he is viewed as sleazy for doing things like stealing time with Andi at cocktail parties when he already has a rose. Again, these are moves that Nick smartly makes and each has paid off.

Nick seems to live in the moment and seize opportunities. There is limited time with Andi, so you really have to make the most of it in order to stand out.

As for not getting along with the other guys, I give Nick a pass for this, as well. It is extremely uncomfortable to be living and socializing with other guys also dating your “girlfriend.” Like Nick himself says, he’s here for Andi … not to make friends with the guys.

What the situation boils down to is one simple fact– the rest of the guys are jealous of Nick. He has the strongest connection with Andi so far and it is intimidating to them.

There are no legitimate reasons for the guys to hate Nick, other than the fact that he’s competition in the fight for Andi. But by that logic, they should all hate each other (which they don’t).

So fellas, take a page out of Nick’s book and stop caring about someone else’s relationship with Andi and start worrying about your own.

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Lindsay Podolak

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