Due to Hurricane Sandy last week’s Halloween episode of Hawaii Five-0 was postponed until tonight. Even though Halloween is over, it felt like the holiday given the creepy nature of the case. This was the most terrifying murder the task force has ever investigated.  

It started somewhat normal with a staged car accident that led to an abduction, but from there it got weirder and weirder. In most cases, a black market organ case would be odd, but this went far beyond that.

The Halloween sexy nurse was sacrificed as part of a satanic ritual, while her male companion was held to be sacrificed next. That was scary by itself, but the bizarre goat head costume only added to the mystery.

Despite the odd nature of the murder, the investigation was fairly routine. The team tracked down the murderer through clues. A stolen plastic card led the team to the girl’s purse and ultimately to her body. Then, they checked out the abandoned house where she was last thought to be. From there, the goat hair found in the car made sense from the party video.

The investigation hit a bit of a snag then. They had no suspects, but had uncovered another potential victim, Lucas. Enter the task force’s super computer and their smarts. They uncovered the murderer, Seth, through arrest records for animal sacrifices.

That’s about the same time that the situation went from creepy to outright freakish. When Lucas broke out of his cage, the grandmother stabbed him! What?!? She may have been tired of covering for her depraved grandson, but she went above and beyond to protect him.

She stabbed his victim, got him out of the house, killed a cop, warned her grandson and then killed herself. Wow. This episode was full of non-stop surprises. In the end, the grandmother wasn’t able to protect her grandson. The task force caught up with him, killed him, and saved Lucas. 

While the case was unpredictable, which I generally like, it was just a tad too creepy for me. The highlights for me were the light-hearted fare that surrounded Halloween at Steve’s house. Kamekona’s costume cracked me up. And, the best part was when he sat down between Steve and Catherine on the couch.

The girl talk between Catherine and Grace was a pleasant escape for the normal guy heavy conversations. Catherine’s experiences with her father was something that Grace needed to hear. She’s not alone.

The best moment though by far was when Danny and Grace stopped by and Catherine used the opportunity to watch The Notebook instead of Child’s Play or whatever Chucky movie they were watching. When Steve put his arm around Danny, I felt for them. They were in for a real treat of a movie experience.

This was an excellent Halloween episode. Creepy, but the perfect amount of heartfelt interactions.

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