He may be a big star in Brazil, but Rodrigo Santoro is having a hard time securing a following with LOST fans, which may not bode well for his on-screen alter-ego Paulo. Fan reaction to the jarring inclusion of new characters Nikki and Paulo has been less than warm. Folks are quick to blame rough editing and the writing tactic of “just pretend they were there all along” for the latest fan uprising.


Who can forget the uproar over Michelle Rodriguez’s tough girl shtick from season two? The appearance of a self-stereotyping character wore on fans’ nerves rapidly and probably led to her demise months later. Could the same fate be awaiting Paulo and Nikki? It may turn out that their fate has already been decided.

Rodrigo, in particular, has been quite busy with new projects lately, including being cast opposite Shakira and Paz Vega in a new film called ‘Dare to Love Me’, which tells the story of tango legend Carlos Gardel’s life in Paris in the 1930s.

It would be unlike LOST producers to just give up on a character based on extremely early fan feedback; so the reasonings for his being dismissed can only be guessed upon at this point. But his schedule looks nothing like someone who has a full-time gig on LOST.


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