According to sources close to marketing at ABC, the network is very close to announcing the release of LOST Season One in Blu-Ray format. The set will be the flagship of a line of HDTV enhanced boxed sets the network plans to release in the coming summer. The LOST set will feature extras and extended scenes not included on the highly successful DVD release.

The set, which is rumored to be priced at a whopping $199.99, may not be the norm for future ABC releases citing a daunting price as a possible stumbling block for consumers. The network has plans to release other shows in two episode disks for around $20. If you’re doing your math, that would mean collectors would pay an addition $280 to spread out the pain.

By selecting the Blu-Ray format for this release, in the process shunning HD-DVD owners, Disney may be bearing a heavy influence on technophiles who have yet to decide on which machine to stick in their entertainment console. All I can say is I’m happy I got my pre-buy in on that PS3!