If you gave up on LOST after the nerve wracking cornucopia of plot-twists that was season two, the next two would be a good reason to poke your head back in as the producers promise a twist that will undo much of what we have learned about the island, the others, and even our beloved castaways. This could be good news for the contingent of fans still grumbling over the sci-fi heavy connotations of season two. There is no time-line for when this twist is to take place, but many expect it to be in this evening’s episode.

Tonight is the second to last episode of LOST before yet another twelve-week hiatus descends to jangle fans nerves. Locke, back to his mystical-MacGyver ways of season one, assembles a search party to begin the search for Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Eko, meanwhile, wrestles with his inner demons.