In honor of Eko’s passing, I will express my thoughts, wishes, dreams, nightmares, epiphanic moments, etc. in another “Six-Pack”. The six refers to the number of neatly bulleted thoughts I have about last night’s action-packed episode of Lost. And, yes, I have exactly six thoughts. No more, no less, which is why the six-pack is perfect.

Before we get to the “pack”, I’ll say this. As the Good Doctor (DocArzt) has discussed, ABC is quite cruel for inflicting upon us the Lost hiatus that will occur after next week’s episode. Over three months off? It’s like Summer all over again. I like Taye Diggs (Day Break), don’t get me wrong, but he alone cannot fill the cavernous void sure to be left by Lost.

The Six-Pack

Eko’s Demise

Eko received a quality exit, accompanied by his very own flashback episode. Did the flashback give us any information we didn’t already know? Not really. The one nugget of key information we did receive was Eko’s reason for building that church on the beach. Which was kind of cool. As stated before, I am a fan of Mr. Eko and am upset he’s gone. However, it’ll be okay. It’s Lost, after all.

Black Mist

I’m sure there are myriad theories out there on the black mist, but I’d rather not know until it’s revealed on the actual show. I don’t know why the mist wanted Eko so bad. Last season, the mist scanned him but didn’t attack. What’s changed since then? Nonetheless, it’s good to see the mist rear it’s ugly head again. Danger only makes the show’s suspense more palpable.


Eye-Patch guy that Locke and company viewed on the camera in the other hatch is, obviously, a freaky looking dude. How did he know he was being watched? Where is he? Is he an Other? What happened to his eye? Will we have wait months to find out anything more about him? At least we know the answer to the last question (“yes”).

New Characters

I’m not sold. They feel totally out of the blue, the guy has a weird, indifferent vibe about him and the girl feels completely out of place. We already have enough characters to keep track of. More only muddles the canvas.

Internal Strife in The Others Camp

The Juliet/Ben/Jack storyline is currently my favorite on the show. The mind games being played are incredible. Is Ben telling Jack the truth about wanting to “break” Jack? Is Juliet really against Ben? Are Juliet and Ben simply playing Good Cop/Bad Cop? Will Jack perform the surgery or let Ben die? I don’t see Jack intentionally letting someone die on the operating table; it’s just not his character.

Preview for Next week

So, that was an action-packed preview. Is there enough time, in one episode, to fill all that stuff in? Sawyer gets threatened with his life and then hooks up with Kate. Ben goes under the knife. I’ll say this: Next week’s Lost better be pretty great, because I need something to whet my appetite for the long, 13-week hiatus all us fans are about to endure.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer


Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV