Bluebell’s gone Blackbeard with their Piratey version of Thanksgiving this week on Hart of Dixie. Zoe’s gotta keep 30% to stay afloat; George and Lemon are given the option to walk the plank out of Bluebell; and Wade attempts to sort through his feelings for a short doctor. Sorry about that last one; no pirate pun.

Planksgiving: A Pirate’s Thanksgiving

Imagine if it wasn’t the Pilgrims and the Indians who sat down for Thanksgiving way back when, but if it were the Pirates and Indians. I believe it would be quite tense and an inevitable movie as bad as Cowboys & Aliens. This isn’t the origin of Bluebell’s ‘Planksgiving,’ but it makes more sense than a hurricane that wiped out everything… including the pirates. I think? But it’s the town claim to fame of quirky originality and community. Which is exactly what Thanksgiving is about.

It’s in the background for this episode and it really doesn’t make much sense for the first half of it. But who doesn’t like pirates after Johnny Depp? Especially since the town comes together to help save a traditional hardware store and help a little boy’s dreams of piracy.

Zoe’s a Better Doctor Than House

The meat (turkey, or tofurky if you’re vegetarian) of the episode has Zoe struggling to get her 30% of the business for the quarter before her flight to New York. After scoring with the McKenzie Brothers (not that way), Zoe seems safe. But Brick’s interference steals them back with a little slip to someone’s wife. But she can have the McKenzie Brothers back as patients if she can name all of them. That’s like trying to name all the Baldwin Brothers. Alec, Stephen… that’s all I got.

Zoe positions 100 bucks to whoever will be her first doctor at the local bar. The town’s loyal though (a little awe moment) to Brick (a little ick moment). Luckily, Shelley, one-liner machine, follows through. And Zoe blackmails desperate cutie Tom.

Trying to steal back another of her patients, Zoe comes to the conclusion that if she can diagnose the little boy pirate poser, she can claim him as her patient. So she needs a quick diagnosis… isn’t House on at this time too? If only TV WAS REAL.

After putting the pieces together faster and more accurate than House, Zoe diagnoses that the boy has decompression fever because he’s been scuba diving a lot.

Confession: I’m less concerned with the doctor part of this procedural show or any procedural show evah. But I like the twist of the little boy including Zoe and George’s subplots; it calls for a togetherness this show has sometimes been lacking.

Lemon’s as Easy as the Lemon Pie She Can’t Make

The mashed potatoes and gravy of the feast go to the potential move for George and Lemon out of Bluebell. Apparently, George has a brother Harry running for state legislature. Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? I don’t know because he is not in this episode, but the return of the gruesome twosome Mr. and Mrs. Tucker are back to manipulate George to take his brother’s place at the law firm in Montgomery.

Daddy Tucker appeals to George’s All American do-gooder side and basically says he prefers George to his brother. Anyone with a sibling knows that this is Mama Tucker appeals to Lemon’s mommy issues, which she falls for until the two snicker about it in public. Um, aren’t they Southern? Aren’t stereotypes telling me that they do so privately and passive aggressively? Whatevs.

The Intelligent Viewer Me asks: Why does George have ties to Bluebell if his parents don’t? How is it that he shares a history with this town but his parents do not? Or at least, why do they ignore it? The Other Part of Me responds: It’s not that important for the episode.

Anywho, Lemon enacts her revenge in the same passive aggressive way I would have. Which is making herself rather obnoxious to Ma and Pa. But she has a nice monologue take down at Mrs. Tucker. And Lemon and George is just a good couple, despite the lingering feelings for other parties.

Pirate Treasure

Pirate treasure is a chest full of money to a 10 year old. I’m officially jealous. Also, when Zoe hands the little kid the map, my mind instantly went dirty for a second. George helps his client after feeling bad and inspired for falling for his lame excuse about going out on his own and moving on to bigger and better things than Bluebell. George and Brick make a decent team and Zoe… also helps out.

Oh and I’ll just throw in the Wade subplot here: I couldn’t tell if Wade doesn’t do electrical work or he just doesn’t want an excuse not to see Zoe, but I suspected that he is mechanically smart. So Lavon voices my concerns for me, and Wade is totally crushing on Zo! Wade’s ‘I’d do her’ sounds both like ‘endure her’ and ‘adore her.’ Both of which he does! Wade gains the courage to tell his feelings to Zoe. YAY. But then fails. Til’ next time

A lot of stuff happened tonight–like a lot. In a very good way, however. There was some unique spirit happening in Bluebell in the good kind of way. I like that the town has a civil society, a soul if you will. I like that everyone had movement in this episode. I like that the secondary plots had impact and tied in with the first. I think this was probably the best episode of Hart of Dixie, even if it was a little cheesy.

Nicknames/Phrases I Would Repeat to Lemon

  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Lemonade/ Lemonade Mouth
  • Lemony Snicket
  • “Lemon, it ain’t Southernly to be tart.”
  • “You’re almost husband’s a lawyer. He should know about Lemon’s Law!”
  • Lemon Dropsicle!

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