On this week’s episode of Dexter, Travis and Dexter work together to track down Gellar, Deb needs someone to tell her very obvious things to figure them out, and Quinn and Batista play a friendly game of “Punch Your Partner.”

2LOT-git to Quit

Dexter is talking to Travis in the old church grabs an axe to break through his chains. The next tableau that Gellar is looking to complete is the “Bowls of Wrath.” I keep hearing that as the “Bowels of Wrath,” which is what happens every time I try to eat a Grande Meal from Taco Bell by myself. Travis is useless when it comes to information, so it’s a good thing that Gellar put a very obvious “2LOT” on the bottom of the painting of the next tableau. Dexter also finds a business card from the University of Miami. I wonder if those are clues.

Dexter puts Travis in a Motel and does a little research. He finds out that Gellar’s next victim is Dr. Casey, a professor who is the polar opposite of Gellar. He’s a devote atheist who doesn’t preach about the end of the world and the need to have people killed. Basically, a normal human being.

Walk of Shame

Deb is back at her weekly therapy session and reveals how much crazy drama she has been through. Her therapist is impressed and is probably thinking to herself that Deb’s life would make a great plot of a television show. When Deb starts complaining about how Dexter doesn’t listen, her doctor points out how that is the way Dexter has always been. The big obvious light bulb goes off over Deb’s head and she is ready to move on from her anger at Dexter.

Deb goes back to the office to give her daily DDK briefing, but finds Quinn is absent. He has one of those famous “I Got Obliterated at a Strip Club” hangovers. When Batista goes to pick him up at his apartment, he realizes that his gun and phone are missing after hooking up with a waitress in her car. Batista has Quinn track his phone’s GPS and they head out to retrieve his valuables. They arrive at the home of a hot little minx and try to get the phone and gun back. The problem is that she was not Quinn’s conquest, it was her mom. No, her mom was not a cougar. Great job Quinn! After their little adventure, Quinn and Batista come to blows after telling each other that they have crappy lives. I would say that Quinn lost the fight, but neither man was wrong when they were arguing.

Unheeded Warning

Dexter goes to the class of Dr. Casey to warn him about Gellar. After hearing his godless rhetoric about using science and common sense, Dexter goes up to help Casey. The only problem is that Dr. Casey is threatened all of the time, so he doesn’t take Dexter seriously. Why Dexter didn’t mention Gellar, who I am sure Casey would have heard of, will forever be a mystery.

Dexter starts to prepare a kill room back at the church, and then picks up Travis to wait for Gellar back at the college. Dexter yawns for a second when Travis notices Gellar walking into the school. Dexter has Travis wait by the stairs while he takes the elevator to Casey’s off. Suspiciously, the elevator shuts down leaving Dexter to do the old crawl the roof bit. Travis appears and rescues him, but they are too late.

Carrie Part Two

After dropping Travis back off at the Motel, Dexter gets a call from Deb saying that there is another DDK victim at the college. Dexter finds Casey with his hand cut off and his throat sliced open. Have you ever been so hungry that you felt hollow? Well if Casey could talk he would be able to say that and mean it literally, because his innards have been removed. When Masuka moves the body, bowls full of blood and entrails fall on the cops. It’s like the slime from the Kid’s Choice Awards, only with the possibility of giving you hepatitis or AIDS. Back at the motel, a message has been writing in blood asking for Dexter and the missing hand of Casey is in the bathroom. Crazy Gellar, you’re supposed to put lipstick on the mirror as a love letter!

Back at the office, Deb is visited by the father of the dead prostitute from last week who is asking her to reopen the case. She says she’ll push it upstairs. LaGuerta uses her ninja powers to appear out of nowhere and tells Deb that she won’t reopen the case. Apparently getting covered in a dead guy’s blood puts you in a bad mood, because Deb tells LaGuerta to shove it and that she is reopening the case. LaGuerta passes this info to Deputy Chief Matthews who is behind the dead hooker. Matthew’s could learn a lesson from people like Elliot Spitzer. His hookers never wound up dead at least.

The Shyamalan Twist

Lewis, super nerd extraordinaire, uses his internet powers to track down Gellar using his blog to a park. I guess Anderson and Deb don’t notice that obvious old church in the background. Not only is Lewis great at tracking things on the internet, but also at buying Ice Truck Killer paraphernalia online. I thought we were done with the stupid Ryan storyline, but I guess not.

That night, Dexter and Travis go to the church to capture Gellar. Dexter goes to make some last minute changes to his kill room and Travis goes inside to confront Gellar. Like all spurned lovers, Travis goes back into Gellar’s open arms. Dexter comes into the church and finds Travis knocked out. He then goes down a secret doorway and finds Gellar’s body stuffed into an ice box. I want to apologize to reader dman747707 who said a few weeks ago, “The good news is this basically insures [sic] that Professor Geller is a real person, I was really worried for a minute.” Sorry dman, it looks like we were both let down.

We’re getting near the end of the season and it looks like Dexter is trying to force these twists and turns too much. The same thing happened to Nip/Tuck and look what happened there. On next week’s episode, Dexter tries to track down Travis before it’s too late.

Dexter versus Jack the Ripper: Who Wins?

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