This week on Bones, a woman is found wrapped in plastic — with a plastic doll with her. Meanwhile, Sweets tries to make himself more badass by getting certified to carry a gun.

While I didn’t particularly care for the story line of the investigation (who didn’t see the toy company’s CEO as the killer coming?) I liked what toys came to symbolize. For Brennan, understanding its importance on a child (since obviously, she didn’t grow up with playing with dolls or toys), and even buying a toy gun for her future daughter — a joyous occasion.

For Angela, putting together baby equipment brought out the slightly neurotic side of her. And between Bones and Angela, they bonded over becoming mothers, raising their children and shopping for toys. Isn’t anyone else as excited as I am to know that Angela’s boy and Brennan’s daughter will grow up together and be friends?

Toy Gun Fight

This week’s sickeningly cute Booth/Brennan moment was in the end when Brennan surprises Booth, who just came home, with a foam-ball-shooting gun that she bought at the toy store with Angela and her baby Michael. Brennan bought two of those, and Booth gets his hands on of them and thus an all-out war between the two ensues, as they run around trying to hit each other with the foam balls. It was cute seeing such a relaxed and fun side of Brennan.

Sometimes, I still can’t believe that they’re a couple. I’m still getting used to that. Sometimes, that and the baby is just too much. Of course, it didn’t help that the show fast forwarded through all that, but still. We’ve been waiting — patiently — for this moment, and there just needs to be more. But I think the show is doing a good job of giving us a little bit of it. It’s like they’re teasing us with it. I mean, an entire episode can’t just be about Booth and Brennan’s relationship … can it?

Sweets Packs the Heat

Psychologist and now gun-toting agent — Lance Sweets is a jack of all trades! He passes his certification test allowing him to carry a gun, which should be exciting news for Sweets fans, as the writing is on the wall that he’ll be called out to investigations with Booth. Gun-carrying Sweets means more time on screen, and you’re not getting any complaints from me. (But we can get a dial down of Daisy, though).

Sweets passing the test came with a scary moment, as one of the bullets ricocheted off a wall and gets him on his bicep — but it required just four stitches, and he seemed fine. Which begs the question: How do you think he’ll be as an agent?

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