This week on Hart of Dixie, Zoe encounters a dead man and attempts to save him. Lemon must deal with her wild child sister when she gets alcohol poisoning and dresses inappropriately. Halloween was last week writers.

“Why do they insist on having babies during the football season?”

I don’t know Brick. Nor do I care about football.

Anyway, I like that Lemon is pretty conservative about her fashion choices. Especially since her little sister’s dress really isn’t all that inappropriate. Magnolia is Lemon’s little sister. Who named these children again? Oh, yeah. Someone named Brick. I can’t wait to meet the long-lost mother who has damaged these individuals so well.

While driving home from a delivery, Zoe–all sleep-deprived–runs over a dead dude. Spirit. Guy. Person. I don’t know. Apparently, he’s dead!

The credits still bug like no other. I hate them, actually. But not as much as I hate the main plot.

Forced Contrivances

I don’t know why Lavon decided to bring out a ruler with his convo with George. Does he just feel like denying George’s white entitlement? Or is he jealous about George and Lemon taking the next step and buying a house? This doesn’t make sense since Lavon already knows they are engaged. Pretty unrealistic expectations, dude. Strangely, they make up by episode’s end, with George still in the dark about former flames Lavon and Lemon.

Zoe purposefully blows the fuse to keep Wade’s company, as she is very creeped out by this spirit guy stalking her. But the song that plays at the end of this scene is certified as awesome because Hocus Pocus was on TV for Halloween.

Magnolia gets a bout of alcohol poisoning. Isn’t she like 14? The same age as Rose, right? Neither actresses look 14, but I am sure that is comforting to the people watching at home that 14 year old look-a-likes don’t get alcohol poisoning. Lemon is pissed, but grateful for Zoe’s help. Acting as a surrogate mother to Magnolia, Lemon pretty much raised this terribly named girl, giving Magnolia some issues. I do not understand Magnolia’s momma drama problamas (I don’t speak obnoxious, moody teenager), but it really gives Lemon some depth and likability.

In other bad parent news, Zoe’s mother comes back in town. It took her two planes, a bus, and a truck drive but she arrived in Bluebell. (Wade hilariously introduces himself as Zoe’s beau, by the way). Mama Hart basically manipulates Zoe into forgiving her so that she doesn’t feel guilt. Classic bad mother trait; it’s a telling sign of her character. Zoe ain’t having it though.

Wade is Awesome, The Case-of-the-Week is Not

Wade is awesome. Wade is turning up to be a great romantic foil to Zoe as he literally sets traps for Zoe in the woods as he knows she will inevitably get lost. But this ‘spirit’ is in fact a real guy. Zoe isn’t crazy from sleep deprival! This man is real.

Another example of bad parenting is the case-of-the-week, which is admittedly quite contrived and strange. The ‘dead’ guy wasn’t a town hero as everyone thought; he was a gambler and a drunk. ‘Dangerous,’ Wade notes. So he decides to make a stupid decision to fake his own death so that his son can grow up having a high opinion of him. What? I understand that this guy is a catalyst for Zoe to realize her mother loves her even if she lied to her, but that is pretty far from believability.

Zoe begins to forgive her mother for her sin–she’s a better gal than I. But she demands honesty, something I am sure won’t be happening for dramatic purposes.

The other example is clearly Brick, pawning off Lemon to parent Magnolia. But George (seriously–Scott Porter gets better looking each episode; Wade is always mischievously handsome) intervenes like a good son-in-law and tells Brick to start raising his own children. Brick grounds Magnolia for a month, and she stomps away like a teenage robot tuned to annoying.

Also, did I miss something? Or was that the weirdest, tidiest ending?


“This ain’t driving Miss Zoe.” Lavon ain’t no Morgan Freeman, either.

“You were reading it upside down. I’m ignoring my Chinese friend “Wow.” Zoe is so snarky.

“You are a certified crazy person, you know that? Historically, I found that hot, but I think I’m cured.” Wade, you most certainly are not cured after slapping her butt.

“Your medical help is appreciated but your family counseling is not.” Lemon, always a little cold, actually makes a good point.

Shelly is great. “I ran over a man with my car.” “When did you get a car?” Ah, I love Shelly.

Take 2

This ghost/spirit related episode is about a week too late, time-wise (oh, Halloween!). It also ends very strangely and too neatly. I actually really disliked the main plot; I wish Zoe would interact with Lemon and George and co. more considering this show is about her. Sometimes I feel as if I am watching two shows.

On a different note, I really love that this show’s characters go to church. Finally, TV that doesn’t hate on religion. With last week’s preacher episode, this show really seems to respect worship, a rarity on television.

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