No really. Everyone seems to be taking drugs during this episode. And by the end of it, you might feel like you did too. 

Hannibal’s on the Loose

So apparently Hannibal managed to get himself pretty far away from Jack after he was attacked last episode, because this one opens with him wandering around seemingly empty streets, bloodied and injured. Where is everyone? Did no one notice him?

Anyway, when he makes his way to Bedelia, she tends to him, and the images of her caring for his injuries are intercut with images of Rinaldo’s body being cut down. Additionally, Jack and Will have found each other after Jack’s attack, and they theorize a bit about Hannibal. Again. 

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Most notably, Will admits that a part of him wants to go with when Hannibal inevitably runs. And when he asks Jack why he didn’t kill Hannibal, the older man suggests that he needs Will to do it. (Because there’s no reason to have doubts about that happening, huh?)

And back at Hannibal and Bedelia’s home, she declares that she has packed for him, and reveals that she always knew he would eat her in the end. Because that’s a totally normal part of any marriage, of course. They kiss, which is weird, but then she tells him today is not the day he will get to feast on her. (Yay?)

Mason is Still Real Creepy

Mason and his chef make plans for how to prepare Hannibal when they catch and eat him, and they seem to settle on cooking him Peking duck style. Again, this is a totally normal conversation for people to have, clearly! Mason literally dreams about Hannibal’s prepared body set out on a table, and clearly some props people had a lot of fun with that scene.

Later, Mason and Margot have a conversation in which he says he regrets taking away her uterus since now they can’t make a baby. That’s right, folks. We have entered incest territory on Hannibal. It’s about as gross as you might imagine. But since Margot can’t have a baby, Mason asks his sister if she’s stumbled across any viable uteruses. (There are so many sentences I never thought I’d type until I started recapping this show…)

Alana/Margot = Alargot? Argot? Marlana?

Speaking of Margot, there’s a very oddly filmed scene in which she and Alana sex each other up, which I didn’t see coming, but kudos to the ladies. It’s all done in a weird kaleidoscope style, and this is just one example of this episode making it seem like everyone and anyone is out of their minds from drugs. Maybe the writers were when they wrote it, come to think of it.

Anyway, after their encounter, Margot asks Alana if she has any experience harvesting sperm. We don’t get an answer, but I’m going to guess that it’s a “no.” I could absolutely be wrong, though. It is Hannibal, after all.

Bedelia’s Bad Habit

So back to the drugs thing. While Hannibal is off somewhere, Bedelia injects herself with something that she claims to be “medicinal,” and whatever it is, she sure seems to have a good time with it. She injects herself during a visit from Chiyoh, and they do some philosophizing about Hannibal (who doesn’t?) during which Chiyoh admits she wants to “cage” the cannibalistic doctor the way he caged both of them. Interesting.

While she is clearly having an intense trip, Will and Jack just so happen to show up at Bedelia’s door, and Chiyoh disappears from the scene. The two question her, and she continues to claim that she is Lydia Fell, wife of Roman Fell. Will asks whether she expects them to believe she lost herself in Hannibal’s mind, but I mean — isn’t that kind of what happened to him?

Will and Jack don’t get much out of Bedelia, so Will goes off on his own while Jack stays as she’s questioned by the police. Jack implores them to look up Hannibal Lecter to find Rinaldo’s killer, but the officer questioning Bedelia tells him to leave. So poor, high as a kite, Bedelia is left to deal with him on her own. 

The officer shows Bedelia photos of the real Roman and Lydia Fell, and still she sticks to her chosen identity. He asks her whether she helped her husband to kill, and gets real creepy by touching her leg during his interrogation. Finally, he asks her whether she wants to be apprehended by the authorities or rescued by them, and she replies, “I never considered myself in need of being rescued, until now.” Poor Bedelia.

Reunited, and it Feels so Good

“Oh, hey! What about Hannibal?” you may be asking! Well, no worries, because while Bedelia and Jack are off dealing with the police, Will finds him sitting and sketching before a painting, including Bedelia and Will’s faces in the recreation he is drawing. They talk in their usual weird, roundabout way, and are clearly glad to see each other. That relationship is so screwed up.

Will brings up Chiyoh, and in one of the only funny moments we are treated to thus far this season, when Hannibal asks after her, Will replies that she pushed him off a train. “‘Atta girl,” Hannibal replies. Oh, Hannibal.

They talk about how the lines separating the two of them have “blurred,” and Will questions whether they could ever really be separated and survive. But apparently someone is looking to do just that, because as they walk side-by-side outside, just as Will is pulling a knife from his pocket, he is suddenly shot in the shoulder by a sniper who turns out to be Chiyoh! 

Not long after, Hannibal privately tends to Will’s wound, stating Chiyoh is protective of him and asking whether she or Will killed his “tenant.” He is pleased to learn that it was Chiyoh, because Hannibal is kind of a terrible person. But I mean, we should really already know that with the whole cannibalism thing.

Then Hannibal injects Will with something, and stuff gets weird again.

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Dinner is Served

Will wakes up hallucinating at a table, with Hannibal turning into a weird stag man thing while the two appear to have a conversation. Hannibal straps him to his chair, and Will briefly sees the other face with his face. In case you didn’t get the whole, tied to each other/Will is sort of becoming Hannibal theme of this show.

Hannibal feeds Will something that looks suspiciously like blood, and he claims “the soup” isn’t any good. Damn, I wonder if that’s the first time Hannibal has heard that? Then Will asks about the other table setting, just in time for Jack to show up after sharing a tense elevator ride with Chiyoh, who disappears to another part of the building while he enters the room Will is in.

When Jack goes to survey Will, he tries to warn Jack that Hannibal is under the table, but it’s too late — Hannibal slashes his heel, and soon Jack is also an unwilling guest at Hannibal’s latest dinner party.

They talk about how the three of them were supposed to share a meal together in Baltimore, but the menu was “all wrong.” Then Hannibal appears to cut into Will’s head with an electric blade while Jack screams, and I get completely and utterly confused by the proceedings on my television screen. 

Because after the camera floats off to some other place as drops of Will’s blood fly around, we end the episode with Hannibal and Will in a truck filled with pig carcasses, then with them being brought to Mason at Muskrat Farms. So I have no idea what was real and what wasn’t, especially after Hannibal injected Will with whatever drug he did. 

Or did he? Was that even real? Who knows? 

Hannibal airs Thursday nights at 10pm on NBC.

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