The Hannah Montana star’s appearance on The Jay Leno Show wasn’t as controversial as you might expect from her.  Even the host of the program tried his best to cause a bit of controversy with his queries, but Miley Cyrus kept things mild.

Trying to throw her off track, one question Jay Leno quickly asked was “Who’s your favorite Jonas brother?”  Unfortunately for the Niley fans, she dodged any answer that would hint at a romantic reunion.

“I’m going to go with Frankie, the little one,” the 16-year-old popstar said.

Jay Leno had Miley for his “10@10” feature, which means he had ten questions ready for her during her appearance.  Another quick inquiry was regarding Miley’s new nickname, but even though the fans would like to know why, the discussion wasn’t too detailed.

“Recently I got the nickname spider-monkey,” Miley revealed.  She didn’t go on to explain, but instead answered another question with more gusto.  Yep, it was regarding the hugely publicized Kanye West at the MTV VMAs incident.

As many of her fans know, Miley is a friend of singer Taylor Swift.  The Hannah Montana musician gave her opinion on the matter, telling Leno what she’d do if she was the victim of Kanye West’s insensitivity.

“I would’ve said, ‘Rude, disrespectful,’ but I think I just would’ve had to tell him to let me finish my speech,” Miley declared.  ‘So I’m glad she got to do that.”

Now that she’s headlining yet another tour this year, the Disney juggernaut is really getting busier.  But if she had the chance to take on another profession, she admitted about her desire to organize weddings.

“I’d be a wedding planner.  I decided that the other day.  I heard somebody putting their wedding together the other day and I was like, yikes, I need to take over.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Access Hollywood
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Maria Gonzalez

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