It wasn’t too long ago when Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus rose to fame and faced the bitter side of the public eye.  Part of her walk into the spotlight was being watched as her relationships crumbled, especially the one she had with Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.  The whole deal is finally over, but Miley Cyrus still has to confront stories regarding the status between her and her ex-boyfriend.  She admits – and we’ve probably heard this all before – that she “loves” him and they remain very close friends.

While Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas had a two-year relationship with one another, the Hannah Montana actress was devastated when it came to an end.  Despite that, she managed to patch things up with the musician.  Just last week, eyebrows were raised as the two of them were spotted hugging at Barack Obama’s inaugural ceremony. 

“I love Nicky.  I do love him,” Miley Cyrus confessed.  “I know you guys saw me, I was hanging out with the Jonas Brothers at the inaugural.  That was really good.  And we are friends.  I love the JoBros.”

On her website, Miley World, the 16-year-old celebrity posted a blog entry with the subject: “I Love Nicky.”  There, she spoke to her fans and confirmed the fact. “I do love him.  I love Kevin.  I love Joe.  I love Frankie.  I love all the boys and I love their family.  So everyone should back off the feud cause we’re over it.”

There seems to be a lot of affability going on, since Miley also straightened things out about the rumored fight between her and Disney actresses Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, who reportedly dated Nick Jonas.  Apparently, they’ve all washed their hands clean of any conflict among themselves.

“So everyone thinking there’s a big feud between me and Selena and Demi,” Miley said.  “Actually, I’m going to have meatloaf with Demi tonight.  I’m riding my bike to Demi’s house.  So I’m going to be partying with Demi ’cause we’re friends and I love her and she always is there for me.  She is one of my bestest friends.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Miley World, The Money Times, Now Magazine
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Maria Gonzalez

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