Now that Hannah Montana has been given an expiration date, actress Miley Cyrus needs other ventures to keep her busy.  But these projects come easily for her, like fanmail.

We all know the 17-year-old star is starring in the Nicholas Sparks-penned movie The Last Song later this year.  Joining her is boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who will of course be playing her love interest on the big screen.  The two of them recently sat down to give viewers a sneak peek to their film, which will be showing in theaters this April.

Below, you can watch as Miley Cyrus and Liam take us behind the scenes for The Last Song.  It may just be for two minutes, but any fan of the Hannah Montana pop sensation will be satisfied.

Along for the ride are other actors from the movie, one of which is Greg Kinnear, as Miley’s dad who tries to connect with her after many years.  Meanwhile, her mother will be portrayed by Kelly Preston.  The Last Song also stars Bobby Coleman, Hallock Beals, Nick Lashaway, Carly Chaikin, Nick Searcy, and Kate Vernon.

Here’s the clip, as acquired by On the Flix.  For the interview, Miley talks about what the movie is all about.

“The story of The Last Song is about this girl, Ronnie Miller, who kind of started going down the wrong path,” the star announced.  “She’s trying to prove a point to her dad, but really, she’s just cheating herself.”

As for the romance bit of the film, Liam Hemsworth explains: “As they get to know each other better, they both open up more and he realizes how great this girl is.”

Miley also talked about the music for the movie, which is of course essential to it.  The title already says so.

But what this movie really is about is the star’s departure from her Hannah Montana phase and transition into what she thinks is a more mature role.  We’ll see if she pulls it off, when The Last Song hits theaters on April 2 this year.

Source: On the Flix, Touchstone Pictures
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