Yesterday Lynda Lee’s shared with us the thoughts, comments, and insights Mitch Pileggi, Mark Pellegrino, Chris Gauthier, and Rob Benedict had while working on Supernatural.  Now they share information on a more personal level with Lynda and BuddyTV.


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If given a choice, what type of movie roles would you like to do that maybe you haven’t already done? 

Chris : Straightforward Comedy type movie.

Mitch:  Anything Comedy.

Mark: Horror Comedy, similar to Shaun of the Dead.

Rob:  Zombie filled movie of some sort.

What weird/alternative Jobs have you had outside the usual acting jobs?

Chris: I was once a Chicken Plucker in a factory for a while. 

Rob: I did an ad playing ‘the other Pizza delivery boy’ in a Domino’s Pizza advert… I was hot and smoking the whole time. My leg was on fire whilst doing the ad as well! 

Mitch: I made toilets overseas for a while, 12-8am, used to take a sledgehammer to those I didn’t make properly so they could be remade again!

Mark:  [Still wincing over Mitch’s ‘I made toilets’ story] A Bouncer in a Club

Mark then told a story about a night working as a bouncer when a drunk guy with full cheeks, vomited right in front of him in a stairwell outside Club.  Although, he found the incident funny, he said he didn’t miss those days at all.

What 3 things/Superpowers would you like to have if possible?

Rob: [laughing] To be Jensen for a day …maybe flying, having some height and to be good at UFC [Cage fighting]

Rob then remembers his first day on the set of Supernatural. While talking to Jared and Jensen, Jared’s first words to him were, “Cage Fighting, you watch?” Rob had to look it up later. 

Chris: To eat and eat but still stay thin! … and to love passionately.

Chris also mentioned he’d love to beat his five year old son at things. He’s very competitive and had a hard time keeping up.

Mitch: To grow [long] hair just like I had in the 70’s, flying, maybe invisibility, and being good at winning things in Vegas!

Mark: [Admitting it’s corny] Flying. To be able to free all repressed people. 

Mark also added his wish to be able to love his wife all over again! Even I was melting at this one- Lucky Girl!!! 

When asked about the start of their acting careers and how they’ve found their journey so far each one had a story to share. 

Mitch’s started in 3rd grade with a passion for acting. He spent his time singing Elvis songs. Once he began his career, Mitch dedicated his time and full attention to it.

Chris was born in Luton, England but moved to Vancouver at an early age. He was always messing with his friends, telling them he had sharks in his fish tank, etc. Action came naturally.

Mark’s first experience acting is all thanks to his 4th grade teacher, Miss Ross. He did a school play and often goofed off with his friends, resulting in being dragged off stage by his ear. There was a time when he thought he’d be a marine biologist but in his early 20s the acting bug struck again and he’s never looked back. 

As for Rob, in High School he started thinking about becoming an actor but thought getting a Law degree first was in his best interest. After realizing the time it took to read, study, etc he revisited the acting idea. In college he studied theatre and things naturally progressed. Rob also formed a band, Louden Swain, and have been writing their own music, songs, and performing together for the last 10 years. 

What is the best advice you can impart to others now that you are all solidly well into your careers?

Chris:  I’m very blessed to be where I am, I guess you have to work hard, be kind, have manners at all times and show up on time!

Rob:  Being professional, appreciate what you do, either as a character or an actor, remember timekeeping!

Mark: Don’t take anything for granted, be grateful and love your craft!

Mitch: [nodding in agreement] I’m appalled by actors who don’t do the above. Supernatural people were all great! Some [actors] don’t even have the talent to start off with.

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