“Synchronicity” is all about reunions, some more welcoming than others, and it begins as Adalind and her baby make their escape. In Grimm-land, can you believe it’s only been 10 days since she’s given birth?

Finding Safety

With the bad guys closing in on her, Adalind gets a savior just in time — in the form of Nick’s mother, who helps her escape. They’re supposed to go to Brazil, but Nick’s mom only trusts those close enough she can kill so they head for a new destination. 

Portland. The reunion is quite the sight to see: Nick’s mom showing up at his front door out of nowhere. Juliet getting introduced to her for the very first time, and Adalind, Nick and Juliet’s reactions when they all see each other. It’s like horror, disgust, and the need to the kill/protect, all at the same time.

Nick’s mom refuses to let Adalind stay anywhere else because, having been hired by the Resistance, Adalind and her baby are her responsibility. But Adalind’s the one who put Juliet in a coma, but then Nick reminds his mom it’s she who killed Adalind’s mother. So let’s just call it even?

Short, Tender Moment

The adults arguing gets the baby all riled up, unleashing her power by bending a spoon on the dining room table and cracking a frame hung on a wall. Nick and Juliet rally around the baby — it’s just about the baby — and Juliet is sweet in helping the baby into warmer clothes. 

Juliet and Adalind even share a moment when Juliet asks about the baby’s name. Adalind’s been too busy and worried running for her life that she hadn’t even had time to think of a name. In that personal moment, I thought how nice it would be if Adalind joined Nick’s gang — until I quickly realized that would never happen.

Nick’s mom fills him in on the details of what’s been going on with the baby and the fact that she’s incredibly special. He also realizes that through a ritual, Adalind’s got her powers back. All that work to strip them away from her for nothing. Poor Nick.

They’re Gone

Just when it looks like Adalind and the baby might find some solace under Nick and Juliet’s room, they disappear. They can be headed  to only one place: baby daddy’s house. There’s more catching up and filling in the blanks as Nick and his mom head to Renard’s. His mom realizes who Renard is because she’s been to his place before. She’s going to kill him and take the baby away to safety.

When Adalind shows up at Renard’s door, the first-time meeting between father and daughter is sweet, a side of the captain we definitely haven’t seen. But Nick and his mother are headed there too — what will happen next? We’ll have to wait and see.

All in the Eyes

The episode solved the age-old mystery of how Nick is seen as a Grimm to Wesens. He realizes he needs to know when he thinks about Monroe and Rosealee. He actually pulls himself out of the wedding — much to the dismay of, well, everyone. 

Then Rosealee and Monroe tell Nick that they know he’s a Grimm by his eyes, which are blacker than black. More life a black hole of nothingness where the Wesens can see their true side reflected from his eyes. That’s why the Wesens are so shocked — because they see that side of themselves that they weren’t expecting to see.

The solution to it all? Sunglasses. Because sunglasses at a wedding isn’t weird or suspicious at all.

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Esther Gim

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