It’s another night of drama, anger and tears on Parenthood. Hank never stops being in therapy, Drew finally goes back to school, and Julia removes more than her wedding ring when she meets Mr. Knight. 

The Therapy Session That Never Ends

We find ourselves watching yet another one of Hank’s therapy sessions with Dr. Pelikan. While I generally appreciate what the Parenthood writers are trying to do here, in highlighting the difficulties of Asperger’s in an adult, these therapy sessions were old two episodes ago. Also, why does Hank get more airtime about Sarah than Sarah the actual character? 

When Hank attempts to apologize for leaving Sarah to go to Minnesota, he totally messes it up which requires, you guessed it, another therapy session. They are really pushing for Hank’s personal growth and reconciliation with Sarah this season.  

Hank shows up at Sarah’s to re-discuss the apology and is vulnerable (for him) in telling her that her never leaving him gives him hope. I feel no more romantic feelings for these two and just want Sarah to be able to move on in life. 

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Sleeping With The Enemy

Kristina recruits Julia for her legal expertise to help with the charter school application. Julia finally starts acting like herself again in being so focused and excited about the work she is doing. She then recruits Ed to help with the spreadsheets and agrees to go on another date with him (cue groan). 

Because Julia moves at 100 miles per hour on anything and everything, she has interpreted Joel’s comment of not being ready to work on their marriage at the moment to mean that she should take off her wedding ring and go on dates. I don’t know how much more of this I can take before I start throwing things at my television. 

When Julia meets Max’s teacher and future headmaster of the charter school, Mr. Knight, he is immediately enamored with her as well for her dedication to the charter school project. While she does thwart Ed’s advances at anything more than dinner by admitting that she is not ready to move on, she is not so sure when it comes to Mr. Knight. Alas, they end up sleeping together and I, in fact, throw a pillow at my television. 

Also, the charter gets approved so it looks like Adam and Kristina are actually opening a school for Max.

Molding The Future

Adam and Crosby are planning a CD release party for Ashes of Rome when they get a call that a major boy band is interested in touring with the band. Lead singer, Oliver, doesn’t want to sacrifice artistic integrity for the money and initially refuses.

Meanwhile, Crosby and the family attempt to move back home when they discover the mold problem is far worse than they thought and are forced to come up with a lot more money. Crosby expresses the importance of the situation to Oliver, who finally agrees to the tour after a promise that there are always hot women who follow the boy band around. An unusually sexist and gross move for Parenthood.

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Drew Finally Goes Back To School

Sarah drops by Amber’s apartment to give her the gift of appliances and gab about Mark Cyr when she discovers that Drew has been staying with Amber. Like a good mother, she forces him to go back to the school and dorm that she pays for, much to Amber’s relief.

Drew’s roommate is bummed that Drew is still mad at him, so they chug beers and air grievances to be friends again. He also does some real talk with Drew about his role in the whole Natalie debacle. I love how his clueless roommate has become an actual, funny character on the show (even if I can never remember his name).

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Camille and Zeek sign all the papers for selling the house. I can’t believe they are actually going through with it! Camille starts second guessing their decision for fear of making a huge mistake, and Zeek is sweet to soothe her worries by taking her to a potentially new house. 

It is apparently smaller, but it is gorgeous and sweet, and I can see them living there, even if I am sad to see the big, family house go.

We get a glimpse into next week that promises the return of Ryan home with major injuries, and the fallout of Julia’s sexcapades.

Parenthood airs Thursdays at 10pm on NBC.

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