After last week’s Crowen-centric episode (after which my Crowen-lovin’ heart was in tatters…just sayin’), I was ready for what appeared to be a lighthearted and humorous outing of Grey’s Anatomy this week. Granted, there were some funny moments and some pithy lines of dialogue. Yet, overall, I found “You Be Illin'” to be pretty anemic. My husband compared it to an X-Files “Monster of the Week” episode which, loosely translated, basically means it did nothing to advance the overall story line and served basically as filler. I think that’s a fair assessment. Having said that, I suspect that the foundation was being laid for the final six episodes of the season.

Pushing Through, aka Oh, This is Bad

Any sensible person knows that a hospital is no place for a sick person. Infections run rampant in this petri-dish-like environment. In a truly disgusting display of sneezing, coughing, and touching infected surfaces (hello, black light!), Grey’s viewers were reminded in graphic detail that potential disease lurks around every corner. ¬†Despite their shows of bravado and the unspoken code that doctors don’t get sick, the surgeons from Grey Sloan Memorial were dropping like flies. Leah, Ben (off screen), Jackson, Derek, Arizona, and, finally, even Richard (!) all fell ill. Copious amounts of vomiting ensued. Ewwwww!

Show Me The Money aka Laughing All The Way to The Bank

A good part of Alex Karev’s day was spent with visiting pediatric surgeon, Dr. Oliver Lebackes, who specializes in anoplasty (again…ewww!). Lebackes is in private practice. He sets his own hours, which leaves plenty of time to play golf and take a month off at a pop to do charity work overseas. His offices are palatial, his home even more so. Did I mention that he makes bucketloads of moolah? By episode’s end, he offered Karev (whose peds fellowship is almost over) a spot in the practice. Will Alex accept the lucrative deal?

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The Ortho Glow, aka Next We Drill

Meanwhile, Jo explored new options of her own. After spending the day with Callie, Jo found herself intrigued by orthopedics. Apparently it requires a special sensibility to succeed in ortho. Callie is rather delighted at the thought that she may have a new protegee. Will Jo make the leap? 

In Sickness and In Health

Derek Shepherd doesn’t get sick. Except when he does. And it couldn’t have come at a worse time. A gaggle of prestigious doctor/researcher/whatever types had descended upon the hospital to hear McDreamy give a presentation about his new Presidential Brain Mapping Thingy. Dr. Gerhardt Strauss was in the house, for heaven’s sake. But sickness shows no mercy. Derek went down like a house of cards. Fortunately, Meredith had heard his presentation so many times that she could (and did) present it herself. Well done, Mer.

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Mystery Malady Round Up

Finally, there were two cases that I suspect will play out over several episodes. First, there was a young boy named Braden who has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome, aka Bubble Boy. He came in with a Potts Puffy Tumor in need of draining (once again…ewwww!). The treatment that’s been helping him is no longer working (something to do with antibodies). Our doctors need to find a new treatment STAT or he will spend the rest of his life in isolation. Ugh.

Next up was a girl named Ivy. She was ecstatic because she finally received a donor heart. Yay! But then her sister, Francesca, was admitted to the hospital with scary symptoms and was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, the same condition Ivy has. Cristina openly wondered what the odds were of two sisters having the same disease. I’ve no idea, but it looks like Cristina and Owen are going to be pursuing the matter together, which works for me. They’d better hurry. Ivy and Francesca’s little bro’, Link, was coughing up pink goo by the end of the episode. Uh oh. This does not look good.¬†

The next all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “I’m Winning,” airs Thursday, April 10 on ABC.

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