The fight for Jasper’s life continues, and Clarke remembers her father’s final days.

The entirety of the Ark storyline tonight took place in flashbacks, but with good reason. We got to see just how Jake Griffith ‘earned’ a Floating, and why Clarke hates Wells so much on this episode of The 100.

Jake’s Decision

The flashbacks begin by showing Clarke and her family hanging out with the Chancellor and her friend Wells. They’re watching a 147 year old game, football I think, and Jake Griffin, Clarke’s father, is called away on business. As it turns out, that’s when he found out about the oxygen glitch on the Ark, and he later tells his wife about the problem.

Abby tries to make Jake promise to keep it quiet, fearing panic and anarchy on the ship, but he can’t make that promise. “They’ll Float you, Jake,” she warns him, and she tries to make him agree for Clarke’s sake, but Jake won’t do it.

That conversation was overheard by Clarke, and she later tells Wells what she heard. The council doesn’t want anyone to know about the problem, she explains, which includes his father. So she put a lot of trust in her best friend telling him what she knew.

Presumably not long after, Clarke finds her father recording a video about what he has learned. She tells him she overheard her parents’ conversation, and asks what his plan is. He’s apparently going to try to break into the communications mainframe, and she wants to help, which Jake absolutely does not want.

But of course, that’s when a bunch of security break in and break up the whole father/daughter moment to tell Mr. Griffin he’s under arrest. Clarke swears that she’ll warn their people, and her father tells her not to before he’s dragged away.

For his crime, Jake is sentenced to be Floated, and in another flashback closer to the end of the episode, he approaches the chamber that will blast him out into space. His wife is there, and they embrace. He gives her his ring and his watch, telling Abby to give the latter to Clarke, but just then their daughter shows up too. They hug and her father tells her he loves her, before Jake Griffin is Floated, a fatal punishment for his transgression.

A Lost Cause? 

That whole experience colors Clarke’s actions on this episode of The 100. Early on in the episode she is trying to heal Jasper, and the other kids are not pleased with all the moaning and groaning their injured peer is doing. 

But when Clarke examines Jasper’s wounds, she realizes that the Grounders actually cauterized his wound, which is strange if they were just going to have him die as bait anyway. She asks Wells to hold him down while she cuts away the infected flesh, and Jasper’s screams draw a concerned Octavia and her less-than-concerned brother to him. 

Bellamy calls Jasper a lost cause, and says that if the boy isn’t better by the next day, he’ll kill him himself. For his words, Monty bashes the power hungry teenager in front of his sister, but she doesn’t seem to mind, probably because she cares for Jasper and wants to see him live.

Later, Clarke examines a poultice she pulled from Jasper, and Wells identifies it as seaweed. If they can find more, they can make a tea for Jasper and hopefully he’ll have a better chance of survival. So the two of them, along with Finn, agree to go off and look for more of it, but only after Clarke gets in a few comments about Wells getting her father killed and not trusting him as a result. I don’t exactly blame her.

Not long after the three set out, Finn discovers an old car hidden in the woods. Clarke says to leave it since they’re on a mission, but it comes in handy later on.

Before the Hunt

Bellamy’s main storyline this episode mostly starts out with him heading out hunting with a small group, andnd while they’re out and about, the group looks for two missing teenagers, Trina and Pascal, as well.

However, they aren’t about to find them. A quick scene shows the two being engulfed by a mysterious green fog that blinds and burns, and it doesn’t bode well for the others running around the woods during this episode.

But anyway, Bellamy tells his crony, the one I still don’t remember the name of, that he’s staying behind while Bellamy goes hunting. Adam is going with as well, and Octavia tries to proposition him beforehand, but he’s been scared off thanks to Bellamy’s scare tactics in the previous episode. 

When Octavia questions her brother, he’ll only say that the boy disobeyed him and paid the price. Well, at least Adam is still alive, at least?

Meet Charlotte

We are introduced to Charlotte this episode, a younger girl whose parents were both Floated for their crimes. She apparently attacked a guard when her parent’s things were being taken away, and ended up one of the delinquents as a result.

She and Clarke have a heart-to-heart, during which Clarke reveals that her father was Floated too. Clarke tells her that she tries to convince herself that whatever happened on the Ark doesn’t matter anymore, that they can move past it and have a second chance. It’s a cute moment and shows off Clarke’s softer side for just a bit.

A Surprise

When Bellamy and his group are about to take down a boar while on their hunt, Charlotte shows up and Bellamy nearly throws a sort-of spear at her. She claims she couldn’t listen to Jasper’s pained noises anymore and followed them on the hunt.

Bellamy gives her a knife, and even though she’s never killed anything, he tells her she might be good at it and allows her to join them. Surely that won’t end badly?

The Fog

Clarke, Finn and Wells find water and the seaweed needed to save Jasper, but when Clarke pulls it from the water, a bunch of birds suddenly fly at them. However, it’s not her taking the plant that’s spooked them.

A loud noise rings through the air, and suddenly that green cloud that took Pascal and Trina by surprise comes towards the small group. Luckily, they’re able to escape to that car Finn found, and hole themselves up inside just in time. They have to seal some cracks in the vehicle, but otherwise it’s a safe place to ride out the mysterious fog.

Elsewhere, the hunting party has to run from the cloud as well, and Bellamy rescues Charlotte and hides with her. Everyone at the base is hiding in the ship as well, so for the most part people are protected. 

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Finn finds alcohol in the car, and he and Clarke share it. Initially Wells won’t, but after Clarke makes a comment about people thinking she’s not fun and Wells tries to defend her, she throws it back at him and he decides to take a drink afterward. Her reply is basically along the lines of “Yea, you know what was fun? That time you got my dad killed. Good times!” Saying the atmosphere is tense is an understatement.

Clarke demands to know what Wells was thinking when he told his father her secret, but he’s evasive and just says that he made a mistake and doesn’t know what she wants him to say. He tries to tell her he’s still her friend, but she won’t even hear it. In fact, she tells him that if they were really friends, he’d walk out into the fog and never come back. Ouch.

Finn tries to diffuse the tension with little success. Later, after the coast is clear and they climb out of the car, he tries to get Wells to explain his side of the story. But again, Wells mostly avoids answering, only saying that he knows he made the right choice.

Bellamy’s Advice

While Bellamy and Charlotte are hiding from the fog overnight, Charlotte has another nightmare about her parents being Floated. Bellamy tells her that in order to not be afraid anymore, she has to slay her demons while she’s awake, so they won’t come after her in her dreams. 

He also teaches her to say “Screw you, I’m not afraid” while holding the knife he gave her whenever she’s scared. It’s an oddly humanizing moment for the tough teen, and it’s interesting that this is how that side of him starts to come out. Maybe because he has a little sister that he had to convince not to be afraid in the past?

The Threat

Back at the camp, Jasper is still moaning in pain since Clarke and the others haven’t made it back with the seaweed, and the other kids are being driven crazy by the noise. 

Bellamy’s crony decides he’s going to kill the other teen, but Monty and Octavia barricade themselves in the room their injured friend is lying in, and the guy isn’t able to hurt him. They’ve bought their buddy just a little more time, but will it be enough?

Adam’s Fate

When Bellamy and Charlotte emerge after the fog is gone, they meet up with the rest of the hunting party outside, all except for Adam, who is missing. 

Finn and Clarke talk while they’re headed back to camp, and Finn tells her she’s being really hard on Wells. He points out that the guy never gives a straight answer when asked about what happened with her father, and asks if Clarke is really sure Wells was the one to tell the Chancellor what happened?

“He’s the only one I told,” Clarke replies, but Finn counters asking whether Wells was the only one who knew. Big difference. Just then they hear a scream and run towards the source of the sound.

It’s Charlotte, and she’s found Adam. Only, he’s not exactly in good shape. Having been caught in the fog, his entire body is riddled with marks, and he appears blinded. He whispers “Kill me” to Bellamy, and suddenly the other teen is faced with a very tough decision.

As it turns out, he’s not the one who has to ultimately make the choice whether Adam lives or dies. Clarke shows up after he’s shooed Charlotte and the others away, and she takes the knife Charlotte gave back to Bellamy from him. She tells Adam she’s going to help him, then promptly stabs the boy in the neck. I will say, this show certainly doesn’t shy away from showing you the gory details.

So Adam dies as Bellamy looks on, but he wasn’t the only one who watched the whole thing. Charlotte is nearby, and she’s definitely affected by the scene before her.

At Camp

Back at the camp, the hunting party and Clarke’s group arrive, and Bellamy says to get Clarke whatever she needs. Apparently, she won his respect for what she did for Adam, and arguably for Bellamy too, in the woods. 

Octavia runs to Adam and sees him dead, despite Bellamy trying to hold her back, and she runs off after seeing his body. Bellamy asks whether anyone at the camp was lost to the fog, but his crony says no. 

He does tell Bellamy, however, that he was going to take out Jasper but his “psycho little sister” stopped him, and Bellamy is super pissed. He makes the guy take it back, then orders Adam’s body taken away. His underling is visibly angry that Bellamy got mad at him, which I’m thinking probably won’t end well.

Jasper Is Saved

Clarke is able to give Jasper the tea he needed, and Octavia is present, so she tells the girl she’s sorry for what happened to Adam. Octavia is obviously upset, and she tells an unconscious Jasper that he’s not allowed to die too. 

Later, Monty, Octavia and Finn are drinking in the same room as Jasper, so when he wakes up and asks for some of what they’re having, they all rejoice. Clarke shows up and thanks him for not dying, and I totally expected him to make some quip about working really hard at that, but he doesn’t.

Wells’ Confession

While Wells is digging Adam’s grave, Clarke approaches him and says she needs to know the truth about what happened with her father. She’s realized that it was in fact her mother who probably told the Chancellor about Jake’s plan to go public with news about the Ark, and she asks him whether that’s true.

Wells says he only wanted to protect Clarke from the truth – that her father’s death was her mother’s fault all along – and she states that he let her hate himr all that time. “What are friends for?” he says, and she asks how he can forgive her, but he says he already has and they hug. Aw.

Charlotte’s Demons

After becoming besties with Clarke again, Wells is sitting around at the end of the episode and contemplating life, or something, when Charlotte approaches. He tells the younger girl to join him, and she sits and tells him that she had a nightmare.

That was the first warning sign for me that something was up. Her then saying, “I found a way to make them stop” was just the icing on the cake. Charlotte then stabs Wells in the neck with the knife I guess she got back from Clarke, and proceeds to slash him a couple more times before he falls off the perch he’s on.

“Every night I see him,” she informs a dying Wells, “Your father. Killing my parents.” Apparently waking up every day and seeing Wells’ face was just too much for her. 

“I had to slay my demons,” she proclaims, and the camera shows Wells, dead at her side. I have to say, I’m totally shocked that the show went there. I thought maybe Charlotte would hurt Wells, but I didn’t think they’d kill him off!

How will Clarke react to the fact that the friend she just reconciled with is dead? We’ll have to keep watching The 100 to find out.

The 100 airs every Wednesday night at 9pm on the CW.

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