The Following changed things up in “Let Me Go.” The hour wasn’t nearly as shocking as previous ones partially because the show has taught the viewers that anything is possible at any time, but also because the shocks shifted to thrilling suspense.

It’s All About Ryan

Joe has spent 9 years working on his masterpiece and Ryan is his muse. With nothing else to do in prison but put together his plan, it’s not surprising that he is able to stay ahead of the FBI. Joe’s utter disregard for the lives of his followers and seemingly endless supply of people who will willingly or forcibly help him only makes it more difficult. 

When the series first started, it was surprising to see how easily to was for Joe to escape from prison and then shocking that he purposefully allowed himself to be caught, but almost nothing he is able to do is unbelievable any more.

While that removed the shock factor from The Following, it’s been replaced by an intriguing, complex  thriller that remains full of suspense. It was immediately clear that Joe requested a transfer as part of his plan, though the purpose remained a mystery.

Agent Parker and the FBI continue to underestimate Joe’s influence and conniving brilliance. Ryan seems to be the only one that can see through Joe and luckily he has Mike at his side to help out. There were able to quickly figure out that the warden was involved and from that find the altered surveillance tape.

Without those two key pieces of information, the FBI would have been tracking down an ice cold trail, rather than a lukewarm one. Perhaps with more support, Ryan wouldn’t have been the only one there to try and stop Joe from getting on the helicopter. 

The showdown between Joe and Ryan was a highlight of the episode and the series. Joe had a decision to make in that moment: Should he kill his nemesis? Or, let him live? It’s all about creating a successful story. 

If Ryan dies in the first act, then what’s the point of continuing? Ryan is integral to all of this. If Ryan isn’t alive, he can’t feel the pain of each death like Olivia’s, he can’t torment himself over his failure to capture Joe, save Joey, and ease Claire’s pain. Ryan has to live … for now.

What is Emma’s Role?

Emma has been Joey’s keeper, she was in control at the farmhouse, but then was cut out of the plans. At the auto repair shop, she was waiting for information about what to do next. Roderick or Charlie had to fill her in.

But, she seems to be so much more too. When Joe arrived at the compound, there were dozens of people waiting for him and Emma was the one that ran into his arms and hugged him. She was in love with Jacob, but could there be more going on between her and Joe as well?

Joe’s reunion with Emma and then Joey was like a family coming back together after a long separation. Will they become the core familial unit that leads the Followers? Where does that leave Claire?

If Claire would have stayed with Charlie, would she have been reunited with her son and husband? These relationships will be intriguing to watch play out now that Joe is out of prison.

Joey’s Innocence 

The young boys innocence has been at risk since he was kidnapped. He was told to kill a mouse, that the police are bad, and then had to see a girl locked up in a cage. Through all this, Joey has maintained his innocence and understanding of what’s right. 

When he took a risk to free Dana from the cage, it was heartening to watch. After all he’s been through, he knew he had to help her escape. After Bo went after him and Emma protected him, Joey still seems to believe in her.

Now that he will be under his charismatic father’s influence, will that change? Will Joey follow in his father’s path? Or, will he see that something is wrong and try to escape? And, perhaps most importantly, will he continue to ask for his mother or will she become a memory?

Now that Claire is in protective custody, it should be more difficult for Joe to reach her, but given Joe’s reach anything is possible. And, Claire would risk her own life for the possibility of getting her son back. She was right, it’s not a game instead it’s about lives.

Is Mike a Follower?

There’s been speculation that since Charlie is Claire’s Follower that then Mike is Ryan’s Follower.  Could Mike be under Joe’s influence and perhaps even the mysterious Roderick? There was a clue in “Let Me Go” that could caught my attention regarding that speculation.

First, before Joe was transferred, Mike walked in to see him and asked for a moment. Joe said that he had never met Mike. There wasn’t anyone else around, so there wouldn’t have been an obvious reason that Joe would have lied. 

If that was their first meeting, then Mike probably isn’t a Follower … unless their relationship was strictly electronic. Or, perhaps, Joe was covering just in case someone was around. And, Ryan was there, so it could have been a smart play if Mike is a Follower.

I don’t believe that Mike is a Follower, but anything is possible.

Do you think Mike is a Follower? Who Roderick someone we know? Will Joe create a new family with Joey? 

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