On this past Sunday’s Once Upon a Time, we learned that Cora was responsible for the death of Snow’s mother and then started what has become a life long feud between Regina and Snow. Cora also revealed her true Fairy Tale identity, which will be further explored on this week’s episode, as the “The Miller’s Daughter.”

Spoiler alert: This article contains Once Upon a Time spoilers and clips. You’ve been warned.

The official episode synopsis: Cora’s desire to rid herself of Rumplestiltskin in order to take his place as The Dark One takes one step closer to becoming reality as she and Regina try to overpower a dying Mr. Gold, and Mary Margaret is once again tempted by dark magic. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin agrees to offer his services to a younger Cora – for a price – when the king calls her bluff and orders her to actually follow through on her boast of being able to spin straw into gold.

In Fairy Tale Land That Was

We jump further back in time before Regina or Snow were even born to when Cora was a young girl. When she tells the King she can spin straw into gold, she is locked into a room to prove her ability. If she succeeds, she will marry the Prince.

As shown in the picture, Rumple teaches Cora how to spin gold. The choices that Cora makes during this time explain many future actions that she takes including: killing Snow’s mother, wanting Regina to be queen, and feelings towards Rumple.

It’s an unexpected tale of choices made and future consequences for Regina and even years later in Storybrooke.

In Storybrooke

Gold, Bae, Emma and Henry all return to Storybrooke on Hook’s ship to find a way to save Gold. David and Mary Margaret head to Gold’s shop to help in the fight against Cora and Regina. And, Gold provides magic to help protect them.

In the last Once Upon a Time recap, I suggested that maybe the dagger from the Clock Tower was a fake, but it is definitely the real one. And, Cora intends to use it, but she is running out of time since Gold is dying. As the below video shows, there is a battle between the two sides.

Snow must make a decision. Does she want to take vengeance against Cora? Or, remain true to her kind heart? She has a difficult choice to make.

The battle will come to a tragic and surprisingly heartbreaking end.

Check out the video preview for “The Miller’s Daughter.”

Once Upon a Time  airs on Sundays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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