Glee left us with quite the cliffhanger: is Rachel pregnant or not? And if so, who’s the father? Lea Michele teases how the show will continue this storyline while not revealing the outcome. Also in today’s Roundup, Jacob Artist talks about the Ryder and Marley kiss and what that will mean for Jake. And Ryan Murphy reveals more about what he’s planning for season 5.

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Lea Michele on Rachel’s Pregnancy and Finn vs. Brody

Is Rachel really pregnant? Lea Michele won’t divulge that big reveal, but in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she talked about how the other characters find out. “There’s a great scene in the first episode between Santana and Rachel and what I love about Santana’s character is that she says it like it is,” Michele said. “Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Kurt’s boyfriend all get snowed in and decide to have a movie day and we watch Moulin Rouge. … At the end of the episode, Santana finds the pregnancy stick in the bathroom and questions Rachel about it. Rachel breaks down to Santana and it’s such a real moment when she comforts her.”

There’s going to be a scene with Finn and Brody that gets “insane,” according to Michele, and it has to do with Brody possibly being an escort. “[Santana] smells a rat and calls Finn to come and investigate what he’s up to. Whether or not he’s an escort, Santana thinks he’s dealing drugs, Rachel thinks he’s working as a cater waiter; it could be any of those three things.” She goes on to say that it gets “pretty hardcore.” “We shot the scene where she finally figures out what’s going on with him and that scene was pretty incredible to shoot as well. There’s been a lot of dramatic stuff this season. [The performance of] ‘Creep’ is somewhere within the Rachel and Brody rise and possible fall.”

Rachel will be involved in a big storyline at the end of season 4. While Michele hasn’t been told what to expect on this front, she believes it has to do with Rachel getting cast (or not) in Funny Girl. “I think that’s going to be the cliffhanger: Does she get it or does she not get it? I hope she gets it because in my eyes, I’d love to see her in a show next year in that world of rehearsals, a cast, is she the lead or understudy? … I’d love to get to play that storyline out next year, but I don’t know whether or not it’s going to happen.”

Jacob Artist Talks Ryder-Marley Kiss

Even though the possible pregnancy is the big storyline now that Glee‘s back from hiatus, another cliffhanger that needs to be resolved is that kiss between Ryder and Marley. “You’re going to get a taste of all the repercussions of what we saw,” Jacob Artist told TV Guide. “Jake doesn’t know yet. So it’s going to be dealing with him finding out and how that will affect their relationship. That’s all going to be explored.”

For quite a while now, Ryder has been jealous of Marley being with Jake, but the two guys have still managed to be friends. “And that’s a big part of the conflict as well,” Artist said. “They have developed this really great friendship and it’s going to be tested after what has happened. … There might just be a song involved.”

Glee‘s 500th musical performance will take place in tonight’s episode. Artist also discusses the songs and what their outfits will look like. “The girls are doing ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.’ We’re doing ‘Unchained Melody,’ which is really cool because I love that song. Oh, and we’re doing ‘Good Time Rock and Roll’ and it’s hilarious. We have the iconic pink button-downs, the underwear, the socks … we’re sliding all over the place. It’s great. It’s me, Chord [Overstreet] and Blake.”

Ryan Murphy Teases Season 5 Structure

In our last Roundup, we reported on creator Ryan Murphy saying he wants to change up the structure of the show again for season 5. Now he’s teasing a little bit more about his plans. “I think what we’re going to do, and I have to wait until that moment to announce, but what we’re going to do with the show is very different,” he said to THR. “Not everybody will go to New York, because I think that’s really unrealistic. I really like this season, and I liked going back and forth, but I would really like at one point for a huge chunk of them to stay in one location, which we’ll probably do next year. We just started to talk about that.”

But for those of you who prefer the McKinley High storylines, don’t worry. Murphy believes “we’ll always have one foot in both [locations], but I would like a big chunk to follow one particular story that we’re getting ready to launch at the end of this year. It’s going to be a big cliffhanger.” Could this be Rachel’s big storyline she mentioned above?

Speaking of McKinley, it’s assumed that we’ll see another graduation at the end of the season, with Blaine, Tina, Artie and hopefully Brittany all receiving their diplomas, but the showrunner may have something different up his sleeve. “We’re doing some weird s*** on the show, just wait. I don’t want to do what we’ve done every year; I want to do something different.” What does that even mean? Any thoughts?

Do you like the direction season 4 is heading in, based on what Lea Michele, Jacob Artist and Ryan Murphy have said? What will Rachel’s big storyline be? And how do you think season 5 will be structured?

Glee returns tonight at 9:30pm on FOX.

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