Nick has some unusual side-effects from his bout with the zombie toxin, while a killer seems to be targeting Blutbaden in Portland. Check out some freaky and disgusting moments from Grimm “A Dish Best Served Cold.”

#12 Nick’s Heart Rate Never Rises on the Treadmill

Freaky, but also kind of awesome.

#11 Monroe Asks Rosalee to Move In With Him

He was freaked, but we were enchanted

#10 A Man’s Stomach Growls and Expands Ominously

Freaky and disgusting all at once.

#9 The Blutbad’s Stomach Explodes

Totally disgusting.

#8 The Gutted Body Hangs in the Tree

Beyond disgusting.

#7 A Kissing Couple Comes Across Another Bloody Body in a Tree

So very disgusting.

#6 Nick Can’t Stop Thinking About the Man He Killed

Who can blame him for being freaked?

#5 The Victims Ate at the Same Restaurant

Definitely freaky, if you’re planning on eating there.

#4 Nick and Hank Discover the Restaurant Employees are Bauershwein

Freaky if they’re behind the poisoning.

#3 Nick Moves Out of Monroe’s House

We’re freaked to see a great part of the bromance end.

#2 Monroe Sees His Friend Sam Explode in a Tree

Very freaky and disgusting. Poor Monroe.

#1 Monroe and Nick Fight to the (Almost) Death

Hands up, who else freaked out when Nick shot Monroe?

Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV