Grimm Season 3 has seen Nick going through a lot. BuddyTV was given the chance to see an advance screening of this week’s episode, as well as attend a Q&A session with star David Giuntoli and executive producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt. In the Q&A we learned more about the residual effects Nick will suffer from the toxin, details on the Monroe/Rosalee romance and where it’s going this year, what Renard’s motivations are for keeping Nick safe, details on new monsters to come and much more. 

Teasers for “A Dish Best Served Cold”

This week’s episode is non-stop action and, according to the EPs, it’s also the third part of a four-part story. We will see more of the effects of the toxin on Nick as he and Hank track down some brutal (and disgusting – you might want to skip dinner before this one) murders. One interesting note: The restaurant in this episode is a real place in Portland, though some may choose to stay away once they’ve seen what happens there. The episode also features another fight between Nick and Monroe, which will end in a way that is sure to shock fans. 

Nick’s Reaction to the Toxin Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

Nick inadvertently gave Juliette the shock of her life when he went almost dead in last week’s episode. Soon, fans will see that some of the residual effects from the toxin aren’t all bad. According the EPs, getting a double-dose of the toxin from the Baron will have quite an effect on him. They described it as “both a good and bad things” and said that it will be a continuous thread this season. Under the influence of the toxin, Nick will become more formidable. 

Monroe and Rosalee’s Romance Will Hit a Few Bumps

Monroe and Rosalee are growing closer together and this season, their relationship will move forward, but not without a few bumps along the way. The EPs said that the fact that Monroe and Rosalee are different types of Wesen is going to come to haunt them pretty seriously around midseason. Will there be a wedding this season? They said fans will just have to stay tuned. 

Renard’s Intentions Will Be Revealed… Maybe

Why does Renard, a man who is part Wesen and part Royal, go to such pains to protect Nick? The answer to that question, or at least part of it, will be revealed this season. When asked about the Renard and Nick relationship, the EPs said, “He who can control a Grimm has a great amount of power, both in the Royal world and the resistance.” Fans are going to find out more about that aspect of their story as time goes by. Apparently there was a period of history when the Grimms served the Royals, which is where the idea of the keys comes from. If one can get a Grimm on your side, it’s a very powerful thing – and let’s not forget that Renard has the tape of Nick killing the man in the bar, which could end up being his ace in the hole. The EPs also teased that the fact that Renard is part Wesen, part Royal, and part “normal” will come into play quite a bit this season as he tries to help the resistance coalesce. 

Nick and Monroe’s Friendship Will Be Tested

As for Nick and Monroe’s friendship, there will be “a family issue” coming up that could drive a wedge between them. Later this season, the question will come up of how much Nick uses Monroe and how Monroe feels about that. It seems Monroe will wonder if he and Nick are truly friends or if Nick just uses him as a convenience. 

Sergeant Wu Goes on a Tumultuous Ride

When asked if Sergeant Wu will ever be let in on Nick’s big secret, the EPs said that there are enough people who know for now. However, they did say that he is going to have a “very tumultuous episode” coming up. Wu will see things that can’t be explained, which will apparently involve a new Wesen that is based in Filipino mythology. 

More Wesen – El Cucuy, Dangerous Mermaids and Scary Santa

Asked about what new Wesen Nick and his friends will face this season, the EPs teased a whole list of baddies to come. There will be another monster from Latin culture called El Cucuy, which will also bring back one familiar face from last season’s La Llorona episode. There will also be some “sexy, but quite dangerous” mermaids. The show will take a look at exorcism and possession with a new kind of creature, as well as alligators in the sewer. For the holidays, Nick will take on Krampus in an episode Giuntoli jokingly described as “a Christmas episode for the ages.”

Nick and Renard’s Mommy Issues

Nick’s mother made her exit last season, but when asked if she could return this season, the EPs would only say the answer to that question was “top secret” 

– which of course answered the question. But Nick may not be the only one with mommy issues this season. Though she’s only been a voice on Renard’s phone so far, Renard’s mother “may be in the playing field” as well this season. 

What do you think of the latest news about Grimm? What story are you most excited to see this season?

Grimm airs on Friday nights at 9pm on NBC. 

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