On this episode of The Vampire Diaries, Katherine and Caroline join forces against Dr. Maxfield. The plan to resurrect Bonnie hits a snag. The anchor is revealed to be something very precious to Silas. Stefan and Elena make amends.

I can’t recall in any season of The Vampire Diaries someone ready, much less as eager, to die as Silas. The witch is back and ready to end his 2,000 year miserable existence. Funny, even a happy Silas comes off as creepy.

Bring Back My Bonnie to Me

Elena doesn’t trust Silas to keep his promise to bring Bonnie back, but he swears that once he gets the mystical anchor (news to Elena) and destroys it along with the supernatural purgatory, Bonnie is as good as enrolled in the spring semester. One practical issue the writers seem to have overlooked. Where is Bonnie’s body? Even if it’s been stored on ice, it can’t be in the best condition. Is it in some kind of mystical stasis? Jeremy returned and his body was nothing but ashes after Elena burned it along with their family home.

The trip to retrieve the anchor is boys’ only. Silas doesn’t want to look at Elena, a carbon copy of Amara all day. So, Jeremy, Silas and Damon are off to run supernatural errands while Elena is sidelined. They only have until sundown before Tessa comes looking for her ex-squeeze.

Anchors Aweigh

All women are snoops, and Tessa is no exception. After drinking Stefan under the table at her cozy cabin, she read a text from his friends relaying the news that Silas had ingested the cure. Tessa can’t wait to murder her ex-fiance, but Stefan seems to have got up and went. Is it merely a hangover or concern over his doppelganger’s impending death?

While Silas knows the location of the anchor, a stockyard in Jersey, Tessa isn’t too concerned about him getting a hold of it before she kills him. She tells Stefan that she’s not the only one who doesn’t want Silas to rest in peace with that “slut” Amara, or as she’s otherwise known, Silas’ one true love. It turns out the travelers don’t want a happily ever after for Silas either. Even if Silas acquires the anchor, Tessa says he won’t be able to destroy it. Tessa doesn’t offer up any explanation beyond this. I guess we can attribute her caginess to her trust issues.

Stefan’s amnesia leaves him drawing a blank at where he fits into this love triangle. Tessa tells him not to worry about the details. All he needs to know is that Silas is going to die, and he will spend eternity on the other side as far away from Amara and peace as possible. She says she has all her bases covered. She’s not the only one who’s spent thousands of years scheming. Silas uses her own magic against her by putting a spell on the cabin that forbids her from leaving until sundown.

Tit for Tat

While the Salvatore brothers are financially secure, Kitty Kat appears to have lived as a grifter all these years. She doesn’t have a dime to her name. Talk about poor planning. Homeless, she seeks refuge in Caroline and Elena’s dorm room not realizing that the two are dropping out after professor Maxfield’s threat. The ingenious Miss Pierce parlays Caroline and Elena’s conflict with the not-so-good professor into an opportunity to better her own situation. In exchange for room and board, she offers to help Caroline “deal” with the good doctor.

Jealous Much?

Elena calls Stefan and has a brief and b***hy exchange with Tessa. She immediately phones Damon confused as to why Stefan is choosing to keep company with the original stalker girlfriend. Silas, determined to be a thorn in everyone’s side until the end, leaves Damon no choice but to confess to Elena about breaking his brother’s neck (twice) during the historical ball. Elena, who can’t stand the idea of Stefan’s dislike of her, knows Damon’s antics aren’t going to make mending fences between the threesome any easier. Elena decides to pay a visit to Stefan and Tessa.

Tessa gets a front row seat to watch the new dysfunctional Elena and Stefan dynamic at work. She swears to him that if she had known Damon’s plan, she wouldn’t have let him go through with it. Stefan disagrees and says Elena has an annoying tendency to do everything Damon says. She says she gets why Stefan is upset with her and Damon but questions why he thinks sleeping with Tessa will solve any of his problems. Uh-oh, somebody’s jealous.

Stefan questions where Elena got the idea he and Tessa were bumping uglies, and Tessa is forced to admit that she might have given Elena the wrong impression when she called. Once Elena realizes that Stefan isn’t under some kind of spell, she tries to leave the cabin but finds herself trapped as well.

Needle in a Haystack

Silas, Jeremy and Damon arrive at the supposed location of the anchor. He admits that he doesn’t know which crate among hundreds contains the coveted item. He also doesn’t know what it looks like.

Office Hours

Caroline and Katherine catch Maxfield off guard and inject him with something to knock him out. When he comes to, Caroline tells him they are draining the vervane from his system, so she can compel him to forget that she and Elena are vampires. I don’t think he’s working alone based on what Jesse told Elena regarding his secret society meetings, so that’s just one reason this plan is probably bound to be a bust.

But, the girls have thought this through and try to gather intel from the doctor such as who else knows about them. He’s cocky, convinced that if they were going to kill him, they wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble. He also says Katherine, thinking she’s Elena, should have left when he told her to. Maxfield tells Katherine “they” are on to her. Caroline asks if by they he’s referring to the secret society “thingy.” He says there’s a gathering that very day (very convenient), and the purpose is to recruit new candidates. They were considering inducting Elena until they found out she had gone all vampy. He says she’ll never get past the threshold of the Whitmore House now, no vampire does. Little does he know Katherine can waltz right on in.

One Small Glitch

Bonnie finally shows up. You’d think she wouldn’t be so tardy on the day of her supposed resurrection. She’s a real buzz kill, still yammering on to Jeremy about the risks of messing with the balance of nature. Jeremy’s optimism seems to stem from his burning loins more than anything else.

Silas encourages Damon to search a bit more urgently before the travelers show up. Silas reveals the reason the travelers hate him is because he invented the immortality spell. He also continues to try and provoke Damon by reiterating what Tessa has already told him, Elena and Stefan are destined to be together, and he’s the third wheel.

Tessa calls Damon and tells him that he’s going to have to kill Silas for her. He says he’d gladly do so, but Silas is a control freak who wants to off himself. It looks like he’s not going to have much choice once he finds out that Elena is with Tessa. Damon tells Tessa he needs Silas to do something for him first. Tessa makes it clear he’ll have to decide if that something is more important than his girlfriend. If Silas isn’t dead by sundown, Elena will be.

Tea and Sympathy

Katherine, posing as Elena, shows up at Whitmore House to attend what appears to be a very civilized tea. Too bad her etiquette is a little rusty. She starts shoveling food in her piehole at an alarming rate. What she can’t fit in her dainty mouth,she shovels into her purse. Have I mentioned that Katherine is quickly becoming my favorite character? She runs into Aaron, but her attempts at extracting any info fails. She determines he’s either genuinely clueless or good at keeping secrets. She’s forced to excuse herself when one of her teeth falls out.

Death Comes for Us All

Oh, I did forget one itsy, bitsy potentially big piece of news. It looks like Katherine may not have escaped death after Silas drained her dry after all. Instead of an instantaneous death, she is starting to age rapidly. So far it’s just been some gray hair and a tooth. But, something tells me bigger changes lay ahead.


Before Damon has a chance to kill Silas, he is confronted by several travelers, and they mean business. They void the power of his daylight ring which only serves to slow him down briefly. He tells them he was about to do them a favor and kill Silas. With his hand in one of the men’s chest, the other says they don’t want Silas dead yet. Damon says that’s not going to work for him, and kills both men.


Caroline finally gets some answers from Dr. Maxfield. The secret society that poses a threat to her and Elena is called Augustine. Some members are legacies while others are chosen for having extraordinary talents. He tells her he covered up Megan’s death because she was killed by the Augustine vampire. Before she can find out the identity of this mystery bloodsucker, campus security officer Diane Freeman (Sabrina Mayfield) knocks on the door of his lab. Bonnie quickly compels Mayfield to forget everything: the fact that she and Elena are vampire, his being held hostage and drained of blood and the interrogation.

Tessa calls Damon for a progress report, and he tells her about his run in with the travelers. He questions why they would want to keep Silas alive. She tells him they probably want his blood since it now contains the cure. Damon asks who they want it for since they aren’t immortal. She tells Damon the travelers aren’t fans of immortality, and she had to bind the other side to something; something that would last forever; something Silas couldn’t destroy. No need to open that crate Silas, we now know what’s inside. There’s only one thing in the world he would never be able to destroy, Amara.

Tessa just keeps getting screwed over in the love interest department. After flirting with her all afternoon in what seemed to be an attempt to make Elena jealous, Stefan comes to Elena’s aid by stabbing Tessa. It finally being sundown, both are able to escape.

Yes, it turns out that tricky Tessa never killed Amara, After Silas revives her with the blood of a traveler, the lovers are reunited. Now, she’s still immortal, but he’s taken the cure. Silas’ true love turns out to be not as devoted as him. She stabs him and drinks his blood because, like him, she doesn’t want to be immortal.

So, Amara’s back as is Stefan’s memory, but Bonnie still sleeps with the fishes. Katherine might not be a vampire, but she’s as diabolical as ever, and she’s joining forces with Maxfield. Kitty Kat sure does love those bad boys.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 pm on the CW.

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