“We do ‘way too personal’ on a daily basis.” With that one sentence Arizona Robbins summed up an entire series. Grey’s Anatomy is the poster child for personal shenanigans that bleed into professional realms. Yet “Two Against One” took things a step further than usual in the ominous-sense-of-foreboding department. Meredith and Cristina continued to be at odds. Meredith and Alex butted heads. And what the heck is going on with Miranda Bailey?

Go Change the Face of Medicine

Alex Karev was right. Ever since Cristina basically made Meredith feel like an inferior surgeon, Dr. Grey’s had something to prove. So she’s trying to be on the cutting edge of science and technology with 3D printing. The problem is, so far all she’s printed is a fork. And in the OR she overreached with one of Alex’s patients, leading Karev and Stephanie Edwards to shut her down. Stung yet again by this latest development, Meredith refused Cristina’s request to use the 3D printer to make a device that would save a patient’s life. By episode’s end Cristina “betrayed” Meredith (per the ABC press release) and used the printer anyway.

But here’s the million-dollar question. Was it really a betrayal? To me, two points stand out. First, Cristina tried the entire episode to not use the printer. She knew what the repercussions would be and actively searched for another solution, any solution that would avoid another go ’round with Meredith. That in itself is rather remarkable because the Cristina Yang of years gone by wouldn’t have given a second thought to taking the printer for herself. In the end I believe one could reasonably argue that Cristina put the patient’s life first and isn’t that what a doctor is supposed to do?

Secondly, I believe Meredith refused to let Cristina use the printer more out of defensiveness and hurt and maybe even a little spite than for actual medical reasons. It was clear that Meredith’s research is in its infancy. Promising work is coming…in months or maybe even years. Cristina’s patient could be saved now with the only casualties being the device Meredith was currently printing… and Meredith’s pride. Under more normal and neutral circumstances would Meredith have put the patient’s life ahead of her personal issues? I believe she would. But this clearly means war. Have Meredith and Cristina moved beyond being each other’s “person”? It surely looks like it and I’m betting things are about to get even uglier.

Everything is Fine

Meanwhile, everything is not fine with Miranda Bailey. Things are the opposite of fine. She’s smelling things (okay, she gets a pass on that one). She’s snapping at the residents she’s usually so good at teaching. She’s second-guessing every move and being overly cautious to the point of paranoia. At best Miranda is exhibiting extremely controlling behavior but I believe we’re mean to infer that she is caught in a spiral of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Either way, get this woman some help…STAT! Because we can’t have Miranda Bailey falling to pieces like this. No, we can not. 

Love Her!

Apparently there’s an opening in Maternal Fetal Medicine at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (how convenient) and Owen’s new squeeze, Emma Marling, is applying for the job. Callie conducts the interview as much to probe into Emma’s past and personal life as to find a new employee. The good news? Callie loooooves Emma and tells Owen as much. The bad news? Emma got burned once before when she worked with her now ex-husband. She can’t take the risk of things falling apart again and turns down the offer. The really bad news? It’s clear from the look on Owen’s face that though he will try to never break Emma’s heart, some part of him knows he will one day do just that. His heart belongs to Cristina.

Just a Guy in a Bathrobe

It can not be overstated how much I adore Richard Webber, which is funny because the first several seasons of GA, I didn’t care for him all that much. But somewhere along the line he became one of my favorite characters. What joy to watch the man who had given up on life find himself again. He’s regained his will to live, to operate, to teach. It took awhile, but my Richard is on the way back.

Let Me Lose Control

Finally, in an episode which revolved around control, several characters had to let go. Derek helped Jackson see that the residents could only learn if the attendings stepped away and let them get experience. Arizona chose to remove her wedding ring. And April and Matthew, after toying with the idea of giving in to sex before marriage, decided to let go of outward expectations and desires to remain true both to themselves and to the promises they made to God. 

Points to Ponder

So what do you think? Can Meredith and Cristina ever be friends again? Is Bailey suffering from OCD? Will April and Matthew make it to their wedding without giving in to temptation? Share your thoughts in the comments and vote in our poll!

The next all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”, airs next Thursday, November 14 on ABC. 

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Janalen Samson

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