Recently on Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey’s Derek locked lips with Nurse Rose (Lauren Stamile).  While this means more trouble for his already unstable relationship with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Dempsey is actually happy about the development, saying that he feels “encouraged” that someone new has come into to his character’s life.

“It will make the storylines more interesting and compelling,” Dempsey told the New York Post.  “Last season was boring to do.  Enough is enough already.  It’s time for the writers to go back and take a look at things and find some new paths for these characters.  It was too repetitive for me.”

That said, he isn’t very hopeful about what will happen between Derek and Meredith in the future.

“You would think that they would work through their difficulties and move forward. Meredith needs to get healthy.  That’s an interesting thing to explore with her character.  Does he stand by her while she goes through that?  Or do they work through their problems alone,” Patrick Dempsey posed.  “[Grey’s Anatomy creator/writer] Shonda Rhimes is very clear on what she wants to do but not clear on what the actors are going to do.”

Right now, production on Grey’s Anatomy remains shut down as the WGA strike continues.  Although Dempsey and the rest of the show’s cast and crew are out or work, he is still riding high career-wise, what with the success of his new big screen project, Enchanted.

“I always knew that if it worked, it would work huge,” Dempsey said of the film’s immense success.  “But you always take a risk with these things.  It’s been interesting because everyone likes this movie – men, kids, moms.  The movie touches the child in everyone, while dispelling the whole idea that if you find that one right person you are going to live happily ever after.”

He will also appear in the upcoming romantic comedy Made of Honor, due to hit theaters in May.  However, although his movie career seems to be taking off once more, Dempsey isn’t about to leave Grey’s Anatomy just yet.

“The opportunities that the cast is getting are certainly because of the show’s success,” he said.
“As long as [Grey’s Anatomy] continues, we’ll stay with it.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The New York Post
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