Marlena (Deidre Hall) has tea alone at Chez Rouge on today’s Days of our Lives.  She recollects the time right before John got hit by the car through the moments after he died at the hospital.  Hope (Kristian Alfonso) joins her and Marlena recaps yesterday’s Days of our Lives and her encounter with Crystal the Psychic (Ashlee Holland).

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) is at home with Rolf, who reports that the patient has escaped through the tunnel. I would really like to know.  We see the patient, dressed all in black with a hood hiding his face, walking down the cold streets of Salem.  Who is he?  I would really like to know.  I’ve read some stuff on the web that it might be John or it might be Brady or it might be someone else completely.  I hope we find out soon.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) has been hiding out in Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) trunk.  She’s driven them to the airport where they’ll board a truck to Mexico to get the hell out of dodge.

Hope is shocked to hear about the mysterious psychic who claims that John is alive.  She makes some meta-commentary about how unoriginal it is to have a psychic named Crystal.  Despite Hope’s skepticism, Marlena feels in her bones that John is alive.

EJ (James Scott) uses some high-tech device to track down Lucas.  Sami is suspicious that EJ is suddenly helping Lucas now, but he says that he’s helping Sami.

At the sorority house, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) are freaking out about the Ford Decker situation.  They decide that they have to act fast, before Ford’s father returns with a search warrant.  Nick (Blake Berris) overhears their planning.

In the airport parking lot, Kate tells Lucas that she is coming with him and that’s final.  She wants to make sure that he gets out of the country safely.  I suggest that they have less talk and more flee before they both get arrested.  I really hope good things will happen to Lucas soon and that he’ll get rid of his perma-scowl.

EJ finds out Lucas’ whereabouts at the airport and tells Sami to get over there.  He’ll watch the kids.

Hope tells Marlena that she thinks she’s being set up, but Marlena doesn’t think so.  Hope expresses her suspicion that Crystal might have been hired by the DiMeras.

Stefano and Rolf tromp down the streets looking for their houseguest.  They pay off a little kid who saw him.

Sami argues with EJ that she doesn’t want him to look after the kids.  He hands over his GPS device.

Chelsea and Max head down to the basement with flashlights to dig up Ford’s body.  Max notices that there is a new water heater down there and that gives him an idea.  Upstairs, Stephanie sits alone, when the doorbell rings.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn’t blame him for not trusting him, but she still wants to know why he is so willing to help Lucas even though EJ thinks he shot him.  EJ explains that it’s his first step not becoming like his father.

Lucas and Kate rehash all that has happened to both of them.  Lucas is getting cold feet about running away.  He wants to turn himself in now, but Kate tells him that if he does that, the DiMeras will definitely kill him.

Stephanie answers the door, and it’s Billie (Julie Pinson) and Sgt. Dodd from the crime lab.  They have a search warrant to search the house.  Downstairs, Max’s idea is to put Ford in the old water heater and carry him out of the house like that.  Then, he’ll install the new one.

Marlena agrees with Hope that it’s a possibility that Crystal is working for the DiMeras, but her instinct tells her that Crystal is the real deal.

Sami finally relents and lets EJ take care of the kids so she can go and look for Lucas.

Chelsea tells Stephanie to call the maintenance guy to look at the porch light.

Stefano is still in a panic to find his houseguest before he shows his face.

Marlena and Hope go to the building where she met Crystal.  No one is there, and a passerby explains that nobody has been in that building for months.

Lucas and Kate argue and argue.  Blah blah blah.  I can’t believe they are dragging this story line for so long.  Color me bored.  Finally, they see the truck that they are supposed to hide out in.  Kate goes to talk to the driver.

Billie finds Stephanie and asks her for the key to the attic upstairs.  The key is behind The Killers poster.  How ironic.  The maintenance guy comes to look at the overhead porch light as Max and Chelsea drag the water heater upstairs.  I really cannot believe that they are doing all of this with Billie and the crime lab investigator in the house.  As soon as Max drags the water heater out, Billie tells Stephanie that they are ready to look in the basement.

Hope tells Marlena that she believes her story about the psychic, but she thinks that Stefano is playing a cruel joke on her.  Marlena doesn’t want Hope to get involved with it, but Hope insists that they’re in it together.

Meanwhile, Stefano tracked their houseguest all the way back to his mansion.  Stefano instructs Rolf to block off all the exits of the house and arms him with a taser.

Kate and Lucas are about to board the truck when Sami races in and begs him not to leave.

Stephanie lets Billie and Sgt. Dodd go downstairs. The two go downstairs, but I guess we’re going to have to wait until the next Days of our Lives to see what their conclusions are.  If they don’t notice that a body was recently unearthed down there, I will be very angry.  I think Max and Chelsea should have put the new water heater over the place where Ford was buried.  The investigators probably wouldn’t check underneath it, and there wouldn’t be any evidence of fresh digging or the stench of rotting flesh.  Boy, this is getting morbid.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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