On this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Caught Somewhere In Time,” Jackson’s groundbreaking medical procedure is delayed by personal conflict, Meredith’s trailblazing research ends up in the trash, and seeds are sown which foreshadow the exits of Arizona Robbins and April Kepner. Meanwhile, an unexpected development in Omelia’s sexcapades leads to a potentially life-changing decision for Owen and the Interns spend their day attempting to earn Trauma Certification.

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Family Is Family Is Family

This episode should come with a disclaimer. Parts of this episode are a bit of a jumbled mess. But no worries! Somehow the pieces work to advance to overall arc of the season. Take Jackson Avery. He and Maggie are finally on the same page. Though they haven’t had sex yet, they’re making out in the supply closet in the grand tradition of Grey’s couples. Other couples, however, haven’t had the misfortune to exit the supply closet to find Catherine Avery and Richard Webber staring at them, mouths agape. 

Jackson’s got no patience with his mother’s meddling saying, rightly, that his love life is none of her business and that he’s “got a vagina to build” since trans patient, Michelle, has returned for her vaginoplasty. Of course, Michelle is also a world-class doctor in her own right. After witnessing the bickering between Jackson and Catherine, Michelle refuses to go under the knife while their heads aren’t in the game. “You’re not cutting into me until I have your full attention,” she insists as she sends the pair (plus Richard, who is caught up in the crossfire) to figure it out.

Richard gives his blessing for Jackson to date Maggie, though he warns Jackson that he will hurt him, should his daughter be mistreated in any way. Catherine admits that she likes Maggie very much but worries that any conflict down the road between Jaggie could cause problems for her and Richard. What if they take sides with their children at the expense of their marriage? Jackson assures Catherine that he wants things to work with Maggie, but if they don’t, Catherine has permission to side with Maggie/Richard in any conflict. The Averys “hug it out” and Michelle’s surgery is successful. Jaggie’s plans for that evening are derailed when Jackson has Harriet unexpectedly (more on that later) but Maggie’s fine with it. The longer they wait, the greater the eventual outcome. Sheesh. Is Jaggie actually getting kind of hot? Seriously?

There’s No Crying In Trauma Certification

Remember when April Kepner lost it during her own Trauma Certification Training back in Season 7? The culmination of her making up her own rules and driving two mannequins to the ER in an ambulance is the stuff of legend. Just ask this year’s crop of interns whose turn it is to see whether the Red, Blue, or Green Team will triumph in their quest to secure trauma certification despite an ever-moving target. Owen presents the scenario but April (who begged Owen to be allowed to run the drill) immediately became a tyrant. As “The Party” becomes “the world’s worst hangover,” Intern Casey gets the Ingenuity Award of the Week. He has Kepner paged to a phantom trauma to remove her from the equation and up their chances of success. 

Kepner has to give him credit but falls completely apart as she recalls that despite her own trauma skills and experience, Matthew’s wife couldn’t be saved because “Trauma Doesn’t Stop!” Later, after the unraveling, Jackson finally confronts April about her behavior and offers his support. As a desperate April tries to pull him into a kiss, Jackson gently rebuffs her and asks what happened to their friendship? He wants to help. Bitterly, April retorts that he can “help” by taking Harriet for the night before she sinks onto the floor of a storage room, undone. Is something terrible going to happen to April?

The Other Shoe Finally Drops

Omelia keeps having endless sex with no feelings and no commitments. Until Owen remarks that this seems too good to be true. He keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like it did like a boot when Amelia backpedaled and did a complete flip-flop about wanting kids. This throws Amelia for a loop as she blames her behavior on her brain tumor. Owen acknowledges the tumor but says it doesn’t excuse everything. Amelia’s reply? At least she not a cheater. Yikes! Owen counters that, though he has cheated, he’s not “a cheater” (don’t get me started on how the writers have done Owen wrong on this point, but that’s another story, never mind, anyway… #IntoTheWoods) and points out that Amelia pretty much threw him into Teddy’s arms. So apparently Amelia knows about the Owen/Teddy kiss earlier this year? 

Owen basically says #SorryNotSorry for the kiss, even though Teddy rejected him. Teddy’s always been there for him in a way that Amelia never was. And just like that, Amelia has an epiphany. The Omelia marriage never stood a chance because Teddy is the “benign tumor” in Owen’s life: always there, quietly growing. He’s single, Amelia insists. Why isn’t he telling Teddy how he feels? Why, indeed? Owen is last seen getting into a cab heading for the international terminal at the airport. Clearly he’s going to see Teddy to profess his love. (Such. Mixed. Feelings. On. My. Part. Better than Amelia. But #CrowenForever.)

Will Kevin McKidd leave the show as Owen gets his happy ending with Teddy? Or will Amelia suddenly be pregnant just as the timing finally seems right for Owen and Teddy?

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Odd and Ends

  • Meredith tosses her research into the trash, despite Jo and Maggie’s objections. “You’ve never had your hopes and dreams crushed by your mother,” Mer tells Maggie. “But for me it was an annual occurance. I’ll get over it.” Maggie thinks Marie Cerone was probably telling the truth, given Ellis’ tendency to lie perpetually to those she loved most. Why wouldn’t she “screw over” her best friend? Regardless, Jo’s got seven other polymers in mind that might replace the one she and Meredith lost. Calling Meredith a wormhole seems to pull Grey out of her funk. They’re going to get to work.
  • Miranda meets a life-long hero of hers, Dr. Majorie Keney, an astronaut who got crushed by an electromagnet as she was researching time travel! Miranda, disappointed she has a “massive crush injurt being helicopted in from Spokane and no one to teach about massive crush injuries” settles for Jo with an assist from Maggie. Marjorie doesn’t survive but Miranda will name the water colonoscopy she’s developing “The Trailblazer” in Marjorie’s honor.
  • Sofia is distressed and is missing Callie. She wants to go to New York. Arizona brings her daughter to work for the day. Arizona saves her patient Liz’s unborn baby and also, with the help of Alex and Amelia, diagnoses Liz’s older son, Noah, with a seizure disorder caused by an inoperable tumor. Noah becomes a candidate for the ultrasound procedure being developed by Alex, Amelia, and Tom. Arizona is grateful to have a “beautiful, smart, healthy” child. I’m betting she moves to New York so Sofia can be near both of her mommies.

So what do you think? Will Jaggie ever get off the ground? Will Owen and Teddy finally be more than friends? Is April doomed? Is Arizona headed East? Hit the comments!

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