Man, oh man! Just when you think that the old girl might not be what she used to be Grey’s Anatomy pulls out all of the stops and serves up a whopper like “Migration”.  Somehow managing to be both achingly poignant and uproariously funny, this episode evoked the past while envisioning the future and then kicked us in the stomach on its way out.

Decisions, Decisions

Much of this episode focused on the fallout from the board examinations and what fellowships our residents would be accepting…or not. Meredith wanted to stay in Seattle, despite promising offers for both her and Derek in Boston. And, true to form, she was basing her decision way too much on Cristina and not enough on her husband. Cristina, meanwhile, was considering offers from Columbia, Stanford, and the Mayo Clinic, while struggling to decide what way, if any, her relationship with Owen factored into the equation. Alex found himself as Top Dog, at long last, as he played SGMW and Johns Hopkins against each other in their efforts to recruit him. Seems he impressed his exam proctor after all. Jackson was being wooed by several programs as well but poor April, having failed her boards, had every one of her offers rescinded, even Seattle Grace!

Related aside: how amazing was it when Cristina answered April’s phone and did her best Kepner impression? She even felt genuine compassion for April. That’s growth.  Even better? Cristina hugging Alex with the words, “Good job, Evil Spawn.” Aww… Best of all? Richard covertly coaching Alex on how to get the best deal and make the hospitals work to get him. I love Jedi Master Richard.

The Parasitic Worm

So Chloe from 24 and that guy from Lost showed up at the hospital after taking their third honeymoon in Thailand, where they both ended up with life-threatening parasitic worms!  There was a three-for-one special on Patient Anvils this week as this case related to Bailey/Ben (whose proposal was foiled first by the case itself and later by his acceptance into a surgical intern program at UCLA!), Mark/Lexie (Mark struggled with loving Lexie even those Julia is probably better for him in the big picture), and Jackson/April (poor Jackson is utterly confused both by what’s happened with April and with what fellowship offer to choose). And speaking of anvils, is anyone else worried that Arizona, gutted after realizing her childhood BFF will soon die of a horrible cancer, begged Callie to never leave her because she couldn’t take another loss? Rut roh…

The Conjoined Twins

In an eerily appropriate metaphor for Meredith and Cristina, the other patient anvil was conjoined twins. A team of doctors would be traveling to Boise to perform their surgery. But first, in a scene four seasons in the making, Cristina finally told Meredith to let her make her own decisions and that Owen is her person (Yes!). Then Cristina found Owen in an on-call room and in a scene that paralleled “Elevator Love Letter” in so many ways, made love to him (Yes!) and then told him she was leaving (No!).  In a heartbreaking moment, Owen erased Cristina’s name off the dry erase board. She decided to go to Mayo. Meredith and Derek chose Boston. Alex went with Johns Hopkins. Then in the aforementioned punch to the gut, we discovered that the plane carrying our beloved surgeons to Boise had crashed. What the what? Fade to black.

The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, “Flight”, airs next Thursday, May 17 on ABC.

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Janalen Samson

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