‘Castle’ Best Tweets: ‘Always’

  • May 7, 2012
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On the season four finale of Castle, Alexis gives her valedictorian speech at graduation and the 12th precinct investigates a case involving Beckett’s shooter. A man named Orlando Costas is found dead after breaking into Montgomery’s house, stealing his files, and being shot by Montgomery’s wife. DNA found on Orlando matches that of Beckett’s shooter, Maddox; the team realizes that Orlando, desperate for money, was working with Maddox and was hired to steal the files for their unnamed employer. Castle once again professes his love to Beckett and tells her about his deal to keep her alive. Beckett scolds him for making decisions about her life, which prompts Castle to end their partnership. All the while, the team keeps quiet on Beckett’s connection to the case to prevent her from being pulled off. Ryan eventually involves the Captain to save Kate’s life when a fight with Maddox leaves her dangling from the edge of a building. Gates then orders Esposito and Beckett to hand over their badges, but Kate chooses to resign instead. Finally over being defined by her mother’s murder, Beckett heads to Castle’s apartment where she all but tells him “I love you”. In the end, Maddox threatens Castle’s informant and swears that he will succeed in killing Beckett. Here are the top 10 tweets about “Always.” 

Recap: “Always”

#10. @Katelinnea

#Castle observation: The picture of Beckett on Castle’s phone is really adorable.

– I’m glad I am not the only one who thinks it. I was expecting more chatter when it appeared last week, but nothing, so this gives me the chance to say that I love how candid of a photo it is and that she is beautifully smiling.

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#9. @Moberemk

They changed the title card. That’s how you know things are getting real. #Castle

– My favorite episodes have been the ones with different opening titles. Also, you know it’s an epic episode when first names are used more than once, which I thoroughly enjoy because of the personal nature and chance for character development.

#8. @LexiLindale

I have to say I would not want to be on the other side of the interrogation table with Beckett. She’s a badass. #Castle

– The scenes of Beckett in interrogation are always so well played. Props to Stana Katic and her phenomenal talent.

#7. @Bona_Jenny

“You are the most remarkable, maddening, frustrating person I’ve ever met.” #Castle professing his love to Kate.

– If it was anyone but Castle saying that to me I might be a little offended, but this statement to Beckett was probably the sweetest and most dead-on thing to affect her.

#6. @SomeKindOf_JOY

Richard #Castle has me bawling here. He brings her coffee just to see a smile on her face!

– Squeal. Now I feel compelled to go back and watch all of the times he brought her coffee. Sounds like a great way to entertain myself during the summer hiatus. Join me?

#5. @AndrewWMarlowe

@TerriEdda I think we should open a bottle of good wine, toast our fans for making it all worthwhile, and then watch them break the Internet.

– We are more than happy to make your work worthwhile. Thanks for giving us great characters to love. I am holding in so much joy right now that if I, and the rest of the fandom, let it out, we may succeed in breaking the Internet.

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#4. @Bumpadeedle

NO. #Castle you are not allowed to get all teary-eyed. Stop it.

– Aside from Beckett’s soaking wet confession, Castle fighting back tears was the part that affected me the most. To see him be so honest and open and brave was a beautiful moment.

#3. @TerriEdda

RT @Ravenx0x0: “Will you mentally hold my hand tonight?? #Castle” I am virtually holding all your hands. Tonight. Squeeze if it hurts.

– I absolutely loved Castle and Beckett’s hand holding at the end. It was the perfect way to conclude that scene and define their relationship being built on standing by one another.

#2. @Tanzenmitgott

Who needs coffee to give them jitters when you have #Castle? I may not have fingernails left after this episode.

– I may have eaten a few packs of fruit snacks to keep me from destroying my nails, but I still managed to get uncontrollable jitters with about 10 minutes left in this episode.

#1. @SaraEM1820

Castle Finale … I HAVE NO WORDS! “I almost died and all I could think about was you. I just want you.” #CastleAlways #Castle

– All those times we mentioned that Castle was a writer and should not be at a loss for words … yeah, feeling that right now. But, the only thing that needs to be said about this episode is “PERFECTION”.

Stephanie Hall

Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of ABC)

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