Alaric has to go.

This is the sad truth of The Vampire Diaries season 3. With his murderous rage directed at Elena, the Salvatores, Caroline, Tyler and all of the Originals, there wouldn’t be much cast left on the show if Alaric had his way.

I don’t know how The Vampire Diaries is going to do it. But they have to come up with something! Keep reading for some possible ideas to solve the problem of Alaric.

Put Some Distance Between Alaric and Everyone Else

If Alaric is unstoppable and fixated on the deaths of the entire Vampire Diaries cast, it might be best to avoid the fellow. Caroline and Tyler — outed by Alaric to the Founders’ Council — may have to leave Mystic Falls anyway, so it would not be a stretch for the others to follow along.

Alternatively, Alaric could be the one to leave town. I don’t know what might inspire such an emigration, but it would be at least a temporary solution to the problem.

Find Something That Stops Him

The white-oak Super Stake of Doom doesn’t work on Alaric. That’s problematic. And it means that there is nothing currently known in the Vampire Diaries universe with the power to take down Alaric.

But that doesn’t mean that some new, even more super weapon isn’t about to show up. Every creature — no matter how powerful — has a weak spot. Everyone can be killed.

Call in the Witches

Sure, other than the desiccation spell (which is kind of rough on Jeremy), Bonnie is currently stumped. Maybe she just needs to try harder?

When pressed, Bonnie has managed to come up with an effective spell for just about every situation. Alaric was created by magic, and it follows that he could be destroyed the same way.

Make Peace with Him

Somewhere, buried deep inside, that good and kind Alaric we used to know exists. That Alaric doesn’t want to kill anyone. He just wants to drink heavily and offer minimal guardianship to the Gilberts. Unfortunately, Good Alaric isn’t in control of the situation.

What if the others could change this? Were it possible to give Good Alaric power over Evil Alaric, the entire crisis might be averted.

Granted, this is probably not a permanent solution. Evil Alaric would get out eventually. But it might work in the short term.

Kill Elena

The obvious and permanent solution to all of The Vampire Diaries‘ Alaric troubles is Elena. More specifically, Elena’s death. Because her blood created the Super Vampire, her death can kill him.

This sucks for Elena, but her death may not be as fatal as one would think. After all, this is The Vampire Diaries. Every major character has kicked the bucket at least once or twice, and the side effects are usually minimal.

How could Elena die?

With all of her parental figures in the grave, that spell that resurrected Elena at the end of season 2 won’t work. This does not, however, mean that another spell couldn’t help. Bonnie brought Jeremy back from the dead twice in other ways. As far as we know, that most recent resurrection didn’t even hurt the boy.

Naturally, Followed by CPR
Hearts stop on TV all the time. With a little CPR and occasionally some defibrillators, doctors fix this situation right up! It’s not as romantic or as exciting as some other methods, but it could work. Plus, this finally gives Dr. Meredith Fell something useful to do.

Permanent Death
It doesn’t happen all that often — relatively speaking — but sometimes, death on The Vampire Diaries is permanent. Would the show do this to Elena? It’s not likely, but anything is possible.

It is likely that, at some point in the run of The Vampire Diaries, Elena will be turned. While season 3 does feel too soon for such a drastic change, it could happen. If Elena died and came back as a vampire, that should take care of Alaric just fine.

However they do it, Elena and her crew will have to defeat Alaric by the end of The Vampire Diaries season 3. The challenge and the surprise will come from the method.

Because Alaric, I’m sorry to say, is toast.

How would you kill Alaric? Does he really have to die? Leave your comments below!

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