Is Peter about to find a way home?

After a long, long hiatus, Fringe returns this Friday with “Back to Where You’ve Never Been.” The action of the episode centers around Peter’s increasingly desperate efforts to find a timeline in which he actually exists. In the process, we will find out more about the shapeshifters and take a trip to the alternate universe.

What else can we expect? Keep reading for Fringe spoilers from “Back to Where You’ve Never Been.”

WARNING: In case the title didn’t alert you to this, there are spoilers in this article. These spoilers have been carefully crafted to not destroy your Fringe viewing experience. But that’s not enough for some people. And that’s OK. Just don’t read this. Otherwise…

Character Development

  • The suicide of Elizabeth Bishop — which occurred sometime between young Peter’s death and the first season of Fringe — has been a mystery largely unexplored by the show. In “Back to Where You’ve Never Been,” Walter speaks about that suicide for the first time. And, in this timeline, it seems that the reasons for her death were somewhat different than what we could imply before.
  • Speaking of Elizabeth Bishop, the alternate version of her plays a key role in the episode.
  • Olivia’s migraines — caused by Nina Sharpe’s nefarious actions — are interfering with her work.
  • The Observer will make an appearance. But it will be an unusual appearance, even for him.
  • If you like Lincoln Lee, this will be a fun episode for you.
  • Walternate, while still being a devious bastard, seems to have been a much better husband than Walter ever was.

Click here to watch three scenes from “Back to Where You’ve Never Been.”

Plot Points

  • While the action of “Back to Where You’ve Never Been” begins in our universe, most of the story happens Over There.
  • No one has explicitly told the alternate universe about Peter.
  • There are multiple motivations for the characters in this episode. Some of those motivations come into conflict.
  • Peter’s bridge-between-the-universes seems to have done its job in halting the universal decay. For the time being, anyway.
  • Loyalties are not what they seem.
  • We will get the beginnings of an answer about what is up with those new shapeshifters.

Random Tidbits

  • Waffles are an important metaphor.
  • Pinwheels — actual, non-metaphorical pinwheels — make an important point about physics and its rapid breakdown in the Fringe universe.
  • Watch for a beautiful homage to the Star Wars scene in which Han Solo and Luke Skywalker infiltrate the Death Star by pretending Chewbacca is a prisoner.

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Will Peter get home? Is there an actual home for him to get to? Who is behind the shapeshifters and why are they attacking? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

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