Previously on Grey’s Anatomy, an ambulance crashed into another one in front of the hospital, killing one paramedic named Stan and severely injuring his partner Ray. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) operates on the brain of the driver of the first ambulance Mary, while Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) treat her partner who just happens to be a white supremacist. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) doesn’t want Derek to see anyone, but doesn’t quite tell him. Ava (Elizabeth Reaser) is back. Seth Green flirts with Lexie (Chyler Leight) and ends up spewing his artery blood all over her.

The special two-part Grey’s Anatomy story arc concludes tonight, after an interminable two-week wait.

Lexie covers up Seth Green’s carotid artery with her hands to try to stop the bleeding. She manages to call the nurses’ station to call a code blue, with Seth Green’s help. Good thing Seth Green is conscious. He’s very conscious. He doesn’t go into shock or anything, and in fact, seems very chatty. He even makes jokes about his veins being flaccid when the nurse puts in an IV to replace some of the blood that he’s losing. Cristina responds to the code blue and comes in to find Lexie wearing half of Seth Green’s blood.

After Lexie has applied pressure to Seth Green’s artery for a while, it seems that the bleeding has stopped. He’s starting to feel queasy, but he’s still talking up a storm. He even tells Lexie that he’s officially in love with her and has completely forgotten about his girlfriend. Sloan (Eric Dane) needs to close it up as soon as possible, but there’s no OR available.

One of the other ORs is being used by Derek, who’s in quite a bind because his computer died while he inserted his probe (there’s really no way to make this not sound dirty) into Mary’s brain. The closest computer technicians who can service the computer are in Spokane, which is five hours away, and they can’t keep the probe in her brain because it’ll cause swelling. Rose offers to try to fix it because she’s had three semesters of computer science at Santa Cruz. Uh. Doesn’t sound like a great idea, but Derek has no other choice to go with it. And so have I. Rose gets busy re-soldering the wires in the computer or something, but she has trouble because her hands shake when she’s nervous. Derek offers to do it, since he’s a neurosurgeon and has steady hands, so he gives Mary’s brain probes to Cristina’s Intern 2 to hold, warning him that the slightest movement will kill her. Eventually, Rose fixes the computer, by hitting the reset button of all things, and they continue with the surgery.

Meanwhile, outside, Meredith has crawled into the front seat of the ambulance with an ultrasound to determine the extent of Ray’s injuries. Richard looks at the ultrasound screen and announces that his pericardium is full of blood. I’m guessing it’s not a good thing to have blood in one’s pericardium.

Hahn (Brooke Smith), who was operating on her heart patient, is called out to the ambulance, but not before chewing Izzie (Katherine Heigl) out for thinking like a social worker instead of a surgeon. Izzie had wanted to update the family of the heart patient before they were done. Out in the ambulance, Hahn warns Meredith to be careful because there are about seventeen ways poor Ray can die. Meredith gathers up some spunk and tells her to shut up. Go Mere! Hahn realizes that she has to reassure the patient, but makes preparations for when the dude’s heart explodes. Meredith has to stick a giant needle into Ray. Yeesh. This is one of the grossest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy ever. But it seems to work, and Ray starts to feel better. Afterwards, Richard commends Meredith for being calm and getting the job done, even though she was scared.

Bailey, already late for her lunch with Tucker, is done operating on the white supremacist, but something goes wrong, and she has to keep going. So she sends George (T.R. Knight) to explain to Tucker that he’ll just have to wait until her surgery is over. Tucker is impatient and tells George to relay the message back to Bailey that the only reason he is agreeing to wait is so that he can tell her that he wants out of their marriage, since she never has time for him. Bailey has an awesome scene in which she acts the hell out from under her surgical mask and orders George to go and tell Tucker that she made vows to save lives, and he better stand by his vow of for better or for worse. George asks if he can just do some charts instead, which is kind of hilarious.

Sloan, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Alex (Justin Chambers) are left to operate on Hahn’s patient while she’s gone outside to Ray. Sloan notices that Ava is in the viewing gallery and busts Alex for sneaking her in there. Then, Sloan has to leave to check on Seth Green. But then, some majorly bad stuff happens, requiring Hahn and Sloan to drop what their doing and come back.

There’s a lot of jumping around from patient to patient in this episode. It makes recapping very difficult. This time, Seth Green starts having a stroke. The fresh gauze that Lexie is holding on his neck soaks up with new blood. This is not good. They quickly roll him to the OR so that Sloan can fix him, but there’s still no other OR available. So Sloan tells them to hurry Seth Green to a sterile procedure room.

Stan’s wife doesn’t want to stay to see if Ray is going to make it and asks Meredith to say sorry to him for her. Meredith tells her that Ray is sorry he couldn’t save Stan, in case he doesn’t make it. Meredith advises her to stick around for Ray because it’s better to be there for someone even if it hurts than to be alone. So they both go to see Ray’s room together. Richard thinks he’ll be just fine, despite all the damage to his heart and lungs. Ray wakes up to see that the wife is there for him.

Bailey is finally done saving the white supremacist’s life, and stitches up his abdomen so that his swastika tattoo is mismatched. He’s not happy to see that when he wakes up. He tries to convince George that he just has a different belief system and that he’s not that different than other people. George unprofessionally but understandably that the world would be a better place without his bigoted ass. Bailey procrastinates going home because she doesn’t want to confront Tucker tonight. Cristina finally admits that she’s pissed off that Bailey pulled her off of Hahn’s service and used her just because of the color of her skin, and she resents it.

In the scrub room, Derek thanks Rose for fixing the computer so that he could save Mary’s life. He looks at her in his McDreamy way, and then kisses her right then and there. Later on, Meredith finds him and tells him that she doesn’t want him to date anyone else. She’s scared to death to want him, but by being scared, it means she has something to lose, just like Richard told Ray when Meredith was about to jab him with the huge needle. Derek is about to tell her that he kissed Rose, but she cuts him and says that they’ll talk tomorrow. What? I hate it when they do this kind of stuff on TV. Just say what’s on your mind!

Alex and Ava are making out, but then Alex gets mad and tells her that he was suspended for a week because of her, and that he’s screwing Lexie, and Ava is just playing dress up and is only back in Seattle for one reason. Then, he kisses her again.

Hahn asks Sloan and Callie if they want to get a drink. Callie translates to Sloan that Hahn needs a friend, and translates to Hahn that Sloan is incapable of not hitting on her. They all go to get drunk.

Lexie is devastated because Seth Green didn’t make it through the surgery. Cristina gently commends her for being brave and doing a good job today, but Lexie is sad because the hospital wasn’t prepared to treat Seth Green. She’s also alone. So Cristina brings Lexie to Meredith’s with lots of alcohol. Meredith asks Lexie if she’s drinking. Awww, that’s Meredith’s favorite pastime and she’s sharing it with her half-sister! This is progress.

Izzie comes to terms with the fact that she’s not kick-ass like Cristina or Hahn because she cares too much about the patients and their families. Gizzie tells itself that it loves itself. They realize that they can’t get married or do anything like that just yet, especially because of all the examples of failed marriages at the hospital, but they’ll do it someday. They catch Meredith, Cristina and Lexie blowing off stress with a dance party. Meredith invites George and Izzie to join them and they do. Everyone dances the stress and grossness from the day away.

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