Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis

Brooke Penelope Davis of the teen drama One Tree Hill is played by Sophia Bush. The long time best friend of Peyton Sawyer, Brooke is the wealthy, popular and promiscuous captain of the cheerleading squad of Tree Hill High.

In season 1, Brooke became attracted to Lucas Scott, who initially had feelings for Peyton. After Brooke flirted with him, he took the chance and started dating her. However, his feelings for Peyton were too strong, and Peyton was in turn attracted to him, thus they agreed to have a secret affair. When Brooke found out about the affair, she broke down and got angry at the two, cutting any relationship she had with them. A guilty Peyton then broke off her relationship with Lucas, who then felt bad for what happened. Following Brooke and Lucas’ break up, Brooke mistook herself for being pregnant, and told Lucas about it. Being a responsible man, he told her that he was there for her. However, when the pregnancy results returned, it showed that she was not pregnant at all. She then pretended to be carrying Lucas child to get revenge. The truth was later uncovered, and Brooke decided to rebuild her friendship with Peyton.

In season 2, Brooke became Student Council President despite having opponents who were much more capable and studious than she was. It was also during this time that Lucas and Brooke started over and rebuilt their friendship as well. Lucas also convinced her to stay with him as her parents were moving to California.

In the following season, Brooke and Lucas again rekindled their flame and started a relationship. However, things got out of control when Brooke assumed that Lucas was falling for Rachel Gattina, another cheerleader she was jealous of. Brooke did not know that Lucas had eyes for only her, thinking that he liked Rachel more. After getting drunk, she slept with Chris Keller, and was caught by Lucas. The two had a confrontation and resolved things. However, in a later conversation with Peyton, Brooke discovered that her best friend still has feelings for Lucas, and that the love triangle between the three of them still existed. Brooke broke up with Lucas in the beginning of the fourth season, realizing that she should stop pursuing him.

(Photo courtesy of The CW)