In Grey’s Anatomy episode 19, titled “Beautiful Dreamer,” the traumas may have been light, but there was plenty of heavy drama. DeLuca’s and Bello’s lives were turned upside down by a visit from an immigration agent. Owen made a potentially life-changing decision. Amelia’s ultrasound project hit another roadblock. And Catherine revealed to Richard that the future of Grey Sloan Memorial is in serious jeopardy thanks to Jackson’s do-gooding. All these bombshells are certain to have long-lasting implications as Grey’s Anatomy careens towards its must-see finale.

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Another Character Exits

Star-intern Sam Bello and boyfriend Andrew DeLuca arrived at work excited about their plans to move in together. Then an agent from ICE showed up, and viewers discovered that Bello is a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipient, also known as a “Dreamer.” 

Bello arrived in the U.S. with her mother after fleeing El Salvador. Thanks to DACA, Bello was able to go to go to college and medical school and obtain a work permit. Bello ran a red light, which is what triggered the agent to show up at the hospital. The irony is that Bello only rolled through the traffic signal because she was so exhausted from saving lives, proving once again that no good deed goes unpunished. 

When Jo’s suggestion that Bello fake her own death didn’t appeal to the talented intern, Meredith saved the day by getting Bello a job at Cristina’s hospital in Switzerland where Bello could at least continue to practice medicine. But this meant the end for her and DeLuca. And while practicing medicine in Switzerland is a superior alternative to a poverty-stricken Central American country, being forced to flee the U.S. isn’t ideal under any circumstances.

Bello and DeLuca’s heartfelt goodbye marked the surprising exit of another cast member. This latest batch of interns have been a rather unimpressive bunch, with Bello being the only standout (with perhaps the exception of the transgender intern.) Bello’s storyline was the most interesting one involving the interns to date, and it played out entirely over one episode. And poor DeLuca. This guy can’t catch a break in the romance department.

Kimmie’s Departure

Alex and Amelia have been working overtime to perfect their cure for Kimmie’s inoperable tumor. Chemotherapy has been keeping her alive, but she announced to Alex that she was tired of waiting and of feeling sick. She informed Alex she planned to head to NYC to catch some shows and see Broadway before she dies. Her dream is to be a performer, and if that means singing on the sidewalk, that’s what she’ll do. Alex tried to buy some time to convince Kimmie to stay, but she left while he was in surgery. Everybody was pulling for Kimmie, and the fact that the show shipped her off, most likely to die off-screen, makes it only mildly less devastating. 

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The Past Comes Back to Haunt Catherine

Amelia continued to work on her ultrasound project and contacted a neuroscientist in Chicago who has been doing similar research, Dr. Rebecca Froy. But when Froy learned Grey Sloan was a Harper Avery hospital, she backed out. Back in the day, she had a dust up with Harper Avery himself over some research. He took her to court and she lost, or at least that’s what Catherine told Jackson. Froy signed an agreement which prevented her from discussing the incident. Since Amelia is at a standstill with her research and feels Froy could be her last hope for saving kids with inoperable brain tumors, Jackson got on his white horse, called his attorneys and had them waive the agreement. 

This should have been good news, but it seems Catherine wasn’t entirely forthcoming about the bad blood between Froy and the Avery family. She later confided in Richard that “Jackson ruined us.” Catherine has some explaining to do. It’s no secret Harper Avery was an SOB, but short of drop-kicking kittens on YouTube or cold-blooded murder, what did Harper — or the Avery family as a whole — do that was bad enough to take down a collective “us?”

Daddy Daycare

Owen has always wanted kids, but he’s also had the misfortune of falling in love with two women who weren’t ready for motherhood. Ultimately, Owen’s biological clock was a major factor in both breakups. His paternal instincts really kicked into overdrive after treating April’s ex-fiancee’s baby daughter, and April callously pointing out that he doesn’t have children. In the final few minutes of the episode, viewers see Owen start to embark on the process to  become a foster parent.

Owen feel he’s ready for fatherhood, but he’s not exactly an ideal candidate. He works crazy hours, he’s been divorced twice and has a history of PTSD (and strangling people in their sleep.) Sure, he’s also an all-around great guy with a steady job, a sweet pad and lots of love to give, but his troubled past could be a dealbreaker. 

Are you bummed about Bello’s departure? Do you think there’s still a chance that Amelia and Alex can save Kimmie? Is Owen ready to be a dad, or is he just lonely? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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