With a new bus meta to track down, pretty much every member of The Flash team has the chance to screw up in “Null and Annoyed.” It is thus a tough call to say which hero makes the biggest mistakes.


If you believe Barry, Ralph is by far the biggest screw-up in “Null and Annoyed.” That’s fair: Ralph is prone to making jokes at the best of times, even when not improvising his way through heroism. It does not always work out.

Thanks to Ralph’s actions, Jay and Silent Bob drop a nearly priceless museum artifact. Later, Ralph’s over-the-top Joe impression throws Barry off his game — the Flash ends that scene floating up to the ceiling. Even when Ralph does the right thing towards the end of the episode, the results are mixed. Barry falling more than 10,000 feet proves that.

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All of Barry’s screw-ups center on his interactions with Null, none of which go so well. Not only does the Flash get zapped by Null’s helium-esque powers twice, he also fails to capture the naughty meta. To be fair though, Null has a great backup plan with her “getaway” car.


Even with his Thinking Cap, Harry is having trouble finding the final bus metahumans. Not only is this a current problem, but you just know that Harry’s frustration is pushing him in a dangerous future direction. A little dark matter never failed to wreak destruction, after all.

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For a guy who is supposed to be way beyond super-intelligent, DeVoe makes a lot of dumb mistakes. The worst may be that he keeps drugging his wife. That wouldn’t be so bad (you know, other than the moral yuckiness), but DeVoe consistently fails to cover up what he has done. Shouldn’t a smart guy be better at subterfuge?


Cisco is never at his best when Breacher is around. That is fair: Breacher is a terrifying guy, even when you take away the whole father-of-Cisco’s-girlfriend thing. But Cisco’s nerves lead to some hardcore screw-ups in “Null and Annoyed,” especially when his antihistamine ruse leads to Breacher facing a vampire with minimal access to his powers.

Killing Dad rarely scores points with the girlfriend.

The Museum

Someone decided to put Jay and Silent Bob (Clerks FTW!) into a position of authority? Smashed and stolen antiquities are inevitable with this duo on the job. Clearly, the museum is responsible for the biggest screw-up ever.

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