On this episode of Gotham, titled “A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon,” Sofia continues to manipulate Penguin, a serial killer begins targeting cops in Gotham and Gordon learns a disconcerting secret about Bullock. 

It’s an awkward and unfriendly reunion between Nygma and Lee at the underground fight club. Lee’s patching up participants, wearing way too much eye makeup and isn’t eager to forgive and forget Ed for A) killing Kristen Kringle or B) framing Gordon while she was pregnant which may have contributed to her miscarriage. She’s shocked to see Butch who is now going as Solomon Grundy and thinks Nygma is responsible for Butch’s zombified state. Nygma assures Lee he has nothing to do with Butch, but he is a fan of the man with freakish strength who has no memory of his previous life and who has developed an affection for him.

Nygma Turns to Lee for Help

Nygma is very excited to see Lee because he’s convinced she can fix him. Nygma doesn’t know why Lee is hiding out in this club, but he’s convinced there’s something she must want, and if Lee scratches his back, he’ll scratch hers. Lee swears she will never help him. 

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Sofia’s Friendship with Penguin Grows

That foot rub worked some wonders because Penguin has softened his attitude towards Sofia. The twosome have been spotted out and about in Gotham, and Sofia is certain the underworld knows Penguin has the support of the Falcone family. What remains unclear is Penguin’s plans for her. Penguin wants what he’s always longed for — a real friend. Sofia swears he can trust her.

Jim isn’t a fan of what appears to be Sofia’s growing affinity for Oswald. He confronts her, demanding to know what she has planned. She’s not willing to unveil the particulars of her endgame, but she does promise that she’ll have Oswald in the palm of her hand in a matter of days. If not, she’ll leave Gotham, but if she succeeds, she gets to stay. 

A Pig Killing Pigs

There’s a new villain in Gotham. A killer who wears a severed pig’s head and whose first victim is a dirty cop named Dave Metzger. Metzger was Penguin’s bagman, delivering pay offs to cops in the precinct. The killer leaves a special calling card; he places a severed pig’s head just like his own over the head of the victim. Gordon figures this is someone trying to send a message to Penguin.

Jim goes to see Penguin who has no idea who Metzger is, telling Gordon that a General doesn’t need to know the name of every foot soldier. Gordon warns Penguin this is a message. Penguin isn’t clear what this might be, but he tells Gordon that if someone had a problem with him, he would know about it and deal with it himself. But Penguin does offer Gordon a lead. A few days ago a man named Wally Clarke applied for a burglary permit for a butcher shop known as The Pork Barrel. 

Bullock and Gordon bring Wally in for questioning, but the thief insists he didn’t murder any cop, even though a pig’s corpse — missing its head — was found in a dumpster behind his apartment building. Bullock’s ready to charge Wally with murder, but he gives them another name, the Prof. He was the one who got Wally to rob the butcher. Bullock wants a real name or at least a description, but they conducted their business by phone. Wally dropped the heads under a bridge where the money was waiting. Wally reveals the killer wanted four heads total which means he’s not done yet.  

Gordon and Bullock figure Penguin must have more bagmen, but Bullock has no clue who they could be. Their best course of action is to question the cops getting paid off. None of the cops want snitch, figuring Gordon and Bullock are conducting some kind of internal investigation. They finally resort to force, and one officer gives them a name, Chris Whitlock. 

Harvey has a contact who gives them a name of another bagman, Jenny Butler. Now all he and Gordon need to do is track down the fourth. Bullock can’t believe Gordon is running around trying to save cops on Penguin’s payroll, but Gordon is determined to see the bad cops prosecuted and stripped of their badges, not killed. 

They head to court to track down Whitlock only to discover his and Butler’s dead bodies outside. Both their throats have been cut and nobody saw anything in spite of the high-traffic area where the killer chose to dump their bodies. 

Gordon spots a street musician who tells Gordon that he saw a plumbing van that was parked up the street a good part of the morning with a guy sitting inside. He didn’t see his face, but after taking a break, the musician returned and the man was gone.

Gordon compiles a list of all the cops who’ve failed to call in. Bullock thinks he knows which one is the culprit: Nakajima. Bullock also thinks the killer could be someone on the inside; someone who knew where all these cops would be; someone tired of the corruption.

They get a lead on the van which of course has been spotted in some abandoned, shady area of the city. Gordon and Bullock choose to follow up with no back up since they aren’t sure who they can trust within the department. They find Nakajima tied to a chair. Gordon lifts off the pig head, and he and Bullock discover they’ve entered a trap. The head holds a pin to a grenade located in Nakajima’s stomach. They escape harm, but Nakajima isn’t quite so lucky. 

Penguin Questions Sofia’s Motives

Sofia and Penguin have a lunch date planned, but Sofia cancels without explanation. Penguin orders Victor Zsasz to follow her to find out where Sofia goes and who she sees.

Victor does his due diligence and reports back that Sofia had lunch with the Mayor. Afterwards, Sofia went to an old, vacant hotel. Mr. Penn informs Penguin that several months ago a secret buyer purchased the property, so it’s safe to assume that buyer is Sofia. At the hotel, Sofia met with the zoning commissioner whose permission she would have to have for the wall and gate she built. Penguin figures Sofia is making alliances with politicians and building a fortress all while she’s pretending to be his friend. He’s certain Sofia is planning a war. 

Beauty and the Beasts

Grundy has his first fight and manages to handily kill his opponent. As Lee patches Grundy up, she notices his amputated hand grew back. She wonders how this is even possible. Not to mention that Grundy’s blood is actually swamp water. Most disturbingly, he doesn’t even have a heartbeat. Lee tells Grundy that Ed isn’t his friend, he’s just using him. Nygma just wants Grundy to fight and earn enough money for Ed to fix his brain. When he doesn’t need Grundy anymore, he’ll just get rid of him. Ed hovers in a nearby doorway, but Grundy isn’t moved by Lee’s warning. He’s unshakeable in his belief that Ed is his best friend. 

Ed appears and confirms they’re best buddies. Grundy is Cherry’s newest hit attraction, so Ed makes it clear he and his new pal will be hanging around for a while, unless Lee agrees to fix the broken connection in his “noodle.” Ed offers to get lost and pay Lee for her services, but Lee’s under orders by Cherry to patch Grundy up, and that’s all she plans to do. 

But Ed learns that Lee is keeping a secret. In exchange for patching up fighters, Cherry is letting Lee run a clinic in her building for the less fortunate. Ed figures he can use this to his advantage, but his brain injury causes him to falter when laying out his plan to blackmail the lovely doctor. 

Despite not wanting to help Nygma, Lee soon realizes she could use the money. Her clinic is very short on supplies, so she offers to do what she can to fix him. Ed questions what made Lee change her mind, and she reveals she came back because of the Tetch virus. It hit the Narrows harder than anywhere else. She blames herself, so she’s trying to make amends. 

How the Sausage is Made

Gordon comes to and finds himself tied to a chair with Bullock nowhere in sight. But he’s not alone. The killer appears to be a fan of Gordon’s. When Jim questions where Bullock is, the killer questions why Gordon would allow a dirty pig like Bullock to hold him back. The killer assures Gordon he’s safe as can be. They have something in common; they both see the corruption and filth within the GCPD. They both know Gotham can’t survive unless the cancer can be cut out. Penguin’s bagmen are just the beginning. The killer has plans to butcher every single swine on Penguin’s payroll. 

Gordon accuses the killer of murdering cops for his own demented reasons, not as a way to help Gotham. But this madman has suffered some very real loss at the hands of the “greedy pigs in power.” Gordon offers to help make it right, but their chat is interrupted by Bullock’s screams for help. The killer leaves to deal with Bullock.

As the killer prepares to finish off Bullock, Gordon manages to free himself. The killer slits Bullock’s throat and escapes. Jim stays with his friend, wrapping his tie around the wound. 

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Sofia the Saint?

Penguin pays Sofia a surprise visit. She apologizes for missing their lunch and offers to make it up to him. He says he’s free, but Sofia has to go out. She’s working on something but wants it to be a surprise (Of course, Sofia knows Penguin is watching, and this is all a part of her plan.) Penguin accuses Sofia of betraying him and demands to see what little project she’s been working on.

Sofia reveals that she’s opened an orphanage. She forgives Penguin for not trusting her. She knows the burden he faces. His very survival depends on seeing everyone as a potential threat. Sofia watched her father bear the same weight for years. She claims to not want to see Penguin wind up like Carmine. Penguin asks for her forgiveness which she does without hesitation. 

Professor Pyg and the Dirty Cop

Bullock survives the attack. The killer cut Bullock just enough to make Gordon have to choose between chasing him down or saving his friend’s life. Bullock says he owes Gordon, and Jim is ready to collect. He wants to know how long Bullock has been taking money from Penguin. Bullock knew both Metzger and Nakajima were dirty, and “Professor Pyg” kept said Bullock deserved to be killed. Gordon wonders how he didn’t see it before. Bullock confesses he’s only been on the take since Penguin started giving out licenses. The Commissioner demanded they comply, and Bullock saw a way out of his mountain of debt. Gordon demands that Bullock stop his shady behavior now.

And as for Professor Pyg, he’s just getting started. 

Can Gordon really trust Bullock? What is Sofia’s endgame? Is the clinic a good enough reason for Lee to help Ed? Who will Professor Pyg go after next? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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