Mama’s back! With only five episodes of Gossip Girl left, Blair’s domineering mother Eleanor Waldorf has returned to take back control of her company.

In this new clip from the next episode, “Where the Vile Things Are,” Eleanor has a discussion with Blair about the salacious new direction she’s taken the company. Needless to say, Eleanor is not too happy with the runway strip show and the sex tape debutante ball debacle.

The clip brings to light the complex dichotomy of Blair Waldorf. On one hand she’s a girl who dreamt of being a princess and fashion icon, fantasizing about her fairy tale future. On the other hand, Blair can’t resist a scheme. Will her Grace Kelly defeat her Grace Jones?

But how can Blair resist the siren song of scheming when her true love Chuck is busy trying to take down his father? The episode will also feature Chuck and Ivy continuing to try and expose his dad, bringing Nate in for help as well. I guess Nate has some free time since he dropped Sage.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Serena helps Dan find a new place to live, and it’s likely to rekindle an old romance. After all, the sex tape destroyed all of their other relationships.

Will Blair become a good little girl and follow her mother’s wishes? Will Chuck finally take down his dad? Will Serena and Dan make ANOTHER sex tape? Gossip Girl airs Monday at 9pm on the CW.

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(Image and videos courtesy of the CW)

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