Hart of Dixie made a huge jump regarding relationships in Bluebell for season 2. George and Lemon broke up and now Zoe and Wade are getting it on, but my favorite relationship is that between George and Wade. They are always good for a bunch of laughs. Scott Porter took time out to chat about all the happenings in Bluebell, as well as, a recent 24 hour marathon charity event he participated in.

What kind of shenanigans are George and Wade going to get in to help Lavon with the election?

George and Wade. It’s kinda funny, when the two of them get together, you see just how deep their friendship actually is. I think that both of them are very noble souls. I think that both of them just grew up with different circumstances. It’d be interested to flip the characters to put them into each other’s shoes. I’d love to see how George would react if he had Wade’s lot in life and what Wade would have done with George’s opportunities. I think they have a very deep friendship. 

Coming up the rest of the season [laughs], they will go to the ends of the earth to help their friends out. I think that’s part of their noble souls. Wade and George end up actually dragging people’s homes into town square so they can vote. We actually move people, so that we can get votes for Lavon. The shenanigans won’t stop there.

Later in the season, you will see George and Wade leading an Eagle troop into the woods for a camping trip, so you can only imagine how that’s going to go. [laughs] They may lose a kid along the way. We have a lot of fun stuff coming up for Wade and George.

Do you think that Zoe and George are soul mates? Or, could there be someone else out there for him?
It’s funny as life progresses in the real world, you constantly have to come to terms with evolution, whether it be personal or the evolution of relationships, the evolution of self, it’s tough to say who your soul mate is when you are not fully done growing and you don’t know yourself a hundred percent.

At this point, George does not know himself fully because he’s never had the opportunity to be out there to date, to learn what he likes and doesn’t like through other people. He knew who he was through Lemon, but that’s who he was with Lemon. He doesn’t know who his is by himself. 

I think before you can nail down whether a character is meant to be with somebody else, that character has to be fully formed and that’s what I think is so great about season 2. We’re seeing the evolution of all of these characters. I think they possibly could be fated to be together, but I think it’s going to take a little while for them to get to the point where as Zoe said that they’re both not broken any more. And, it’s fun figuring out how they are going to fix themselves. And, once they finally do, we’ll have to see if they are meant to be then. I like where George is right now. I like that he’s single and I like that he’s learning about himself. It’s fun.

I think it would be more fun to play that as well, right?
The storylines this year for George have been great. It’s been like speed dating. Not just for the character, but kinda for me as well because I’m constantly meeting new actresses that I’m immediately asking out on a date [laughs] and shoot the aftermath. It’s like speed dating these other actresses. 

All that revolving door is going to stop for a little while as George meets a girl that he has a real spark with and kinda turns his world upside down. She’ll be reintroduced on the show [this] Tuesday. That will be fun for the audience to see George more in a serious relationship than playing the field. 

I was happy to see that George said he’d stand by Lemon if she was pregnant. It’s a small town, so how will they navigate their relationship? Can they become friends again?
I think they are friends. I don’t think they are friends in the let’s hang out at the bar every night way, but I think they are friends in the if I need something at 3:30 in the morning, if I have an emergency or I need help way. … I think for Lemon and for George they are both very high on that list of people you would call and depend on.

You have to remember they have known each other since they were 5 year olds; they’ve been dating since they were 15, that’s half of their lives that they have been truly committed and intimate with each other. You can’t just throw that away. 

And, I think the writers did a very smart thing in making sure that we were not characters that would hold grudges against each other. It does have that touching element of George having a big heart and George still loving Lemon even though it’s not as a wife. It’s not a love that he’ll ever be able to fully extinguish. And, he’ll always have a connection with her and vis-versa.

Olympic Gold Medalist McKayla Maroney recently filmed her guest starring spot, did you get to meet her?
No and I’m so pissed because they didn’t tell us when she was working. They kinda kept it on the down-low. I wanted to meet her so bad. I watched every single women’s gymnastics event in the Olympics. I heard that Phillip Phillps’ song like 2000 times. Scott Porter is not impressed that he did not meet McKayla Maroney.  …

I was bummed man. I just wanted to see if she takes her medal everywhere. I wanted to pick her brain a little bit see what the Olympics are like. I’ve never been; I’m never going to compete in the Olympics. I want some dirt on the Olympics. Come on, people. [laughs]

If they have Olympic video game playing, you could do that, since you did your 24-hour marathon.

Yeah. I did a 24-hour gaming marathon for Extra Life. It’s this fantastic community of video game players who raise money and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals across the United States. The people that supported me and my team raised over $7,000 for Children’s Miracle hospitals of Omaha, Nebraska. 

… It’s like a walk-a-thon. I played for 24 straight hours and people pledged a certain amount every hour. So, some people pledged $.50 an hour and donated $12.00. It was that easy and that simple. Twelve bucks is a fast food meal, but it’s also a difference maker for a child who is battling catastrophic injury or a disease … like cancer. 

They gave money and it meant the world. And, Extra Life is a charity I stand firmly behind. I love gaming and giving me a way to turn my love of video games into a positive, charitable event, there was no way I was going to miss it.

Anything else you want to tease for fans?

In typical Bluebell fashion, we have a number of crazy events coming up. Everything from Pioneer Days to a living nativity scene at Christmas. I think people can look forward to the quirk factor. I think that folks have come to love that our town of Bluebell is a character in and of itself. And, this season, we’re going to keep playing into that.

As far as the Zoe-Wade-George situation, hold on tight. I think fans of Zoe-Wade are going to be happy for a really long time here. And, I think that George and Zoe are going to come to grips a little bit with maybe never being together. I think it’s interesting how deftly the writers are handling the situation. 

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